You may have seen that during the 2020 slowdown in business activity I turned to old skill sets and created a t-shirt business.  Four, if you're counting stores, product themes, or work I did for clients running other businesses.  Is that a departure from my financial services and education content?  Not by any stretch of the imagination!

Wealth is created by putting money, or in this case "value" to work.  I had the "value" of my photography experience, my image editing skills*, my creativity, a burning need to "say something in 2020", and the time to pursue it.  Is it a departure?  I like to think of it as a step ahead into yet another area of practicing what I preach.

Success moto shirt
Success is created one step at a time.
Wealth is money you put to work

I put designs on t-shirts and gifts that, in the case of MoneySmart and Wealth Strategies, support the ideas I teach in the book and online courses.  But there is also a PATRIOTIC theme store, as well as a MUSIC theme store!  What does that accomplish business-wise?  I place products that people can buy, 24/7, when another business: "builds and maintains the website, orders and stocks the inventory, takes the orders, processes payment, produces the product, ships the product to the customer, and even handles returns and customer service.  The last step is, they send me the profit."

You could also argue "duplication" is in play, another location to serve another portion of the population, as anyone - anywhere - can access the website store at any hour of the day and I don't need brick and mortar store nor sales clerks to manage inventory or check customers out at the register.


Notice my investment in that process: I create it, raise awareness through marketing, and collect the money.  I could retire and the store is still up, designs still done, people still show up to buy them, money still shows up in the account.  That's yet another source in my portfolio of passive income.  If you haven't added your first source of passive income to your activities, I'll encourage you to consider what business yielding passive income back to you might your skill set produce!

There's no doubt it takes much work and much time to establish such a business.  But, when the work is done, it stays done and continues to pay you while your time and effort investment in maintaining the business decreases significantly.

How long could you directly trade time for dollars?  How many copies of yourself can trade time for dollars at once to raise your cash flow?  That's duplication applied to passive income; it's powerful.  Put that idea in the back of your mind until your subconscious delivers you some ideas; and listen when those ideas come!  (Thanks Tracy... I really did need that!)  Sometimes the idea you act on is 5 ideas down the line from the first one that got your attention.

Listen... when those ideas come, listen.  Don't understand the idea you just had?  Listen anyway; then write it down.  It may visit you again later when you're ready to understand and implement it.

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Welcome to the 21st Century...
I wish you much success!




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Here are a few exemplary young people from whom I learned a great deal:

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* I have run a photography business, taught photography courses, and worked in sales with photography products and services.

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