It’s about time…

Are you certain you understand real wealth?

Real wealth isn’t just a pile of cash. That’s finite, a quantifiable amount, that once spent equals zero.  Real wealth comes from assets that provide cash flow no matter what you choose to do with your time.

Time… the most important factor; and if you haven’t clicked through to the answers yet, you have less of it now than you did when you got here!


Care to Learn More?

401(k) and IRA-type programs have issues.

401(k) and IRA-type programs aren’t the only way (nor the best way) to build cash-flow assets. Many people fear to outlive their retirement assets, and historically, many have. Aren’t you curious as to why these less-than-effective government-sponsored programs are promoted to you so heavily? It’s a story that will take a while to tell, and I’ll be glad to relate that story through the emails that follow.

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