Who Will Face This Giant?

My mother named me for David, the boy who would one day be king, that faced insurmountable odds against a giant and famed Philistine warrior.  Me?  I keep suggesting ways to fight those in power and I’m getting a little irritated at those who think “they” can’t be instrumental in affecting change when “we” are all we got!

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The giants are those who have no such fame for their deeds in battle, but who have usurped power, gathering it greedily while those we task to watch out for our interests (those elected to public office) have been and remain oblivious to the dangers which seem to mount daily.  These multi-billion dollar multi-national corporations and the associated political hacks with no clue how to build a business nor the technology needed to publicize a marketing message in the 21st century continue to encroach upon and in some cases usurp our inalienable rights.

My friend, a fellow business owner, asked me this morning, “How do we fight back against these unfounded claims against our businesses and personal attacks?”

I suggested we fight back with fact and more information than they credit us for ignoring and more information than they have gathered themselves.  The information must be credible and referenced.  While I hold my own opinions of the validity of the claims made by so-called “experts” in the first half of 2020, the opinion of a respected, tenured, published and practicing neurosurgeon might tip the scales in our favor… a tad.

While I may be named for a great man, I am not a king with great resources and multitudes of men at arms.  If we are to fight and prevail against these forces, we must each commit to our individual roles in helping all of us fight them together.

Why Do I Write About Such Things?

“Give me Liberty or Give me Death.” Patrick Henry, 1775

When you can’t open or operate your business to serve as many people as possible, your capacity to serve more people is hindered as is your success.  In addition, the more you hinder a business and the number of customers it can help, the less people you need to hire in your mission to help them.  That means “jobs go bye-bye”.

It’s basic economics.  True, I usually write about basic personal financial management with my MoneySmart series and long-term wealth protection with David Pandone Wealth Strategies, but if we need to cover basic economics for people first, we’ll do that!

The Brick-and-Mortar Location Solution

My friend runs a physical location, a community gathering place where it is likely that people come into close proximity.  My businesses run largely online at this point so I don’t face the same level of scrutiny; rather I’m embroiled in a whole different sort of 21st Century technological town-square persecution.  It’s a real hoot too…

In this cultural environment of Karen-ism where people can’t just be responsible for their own actions and opinions, they assume the responsibility of herding others into line and can’t help themselves but to project their hysteria and insecurities onto those around them.  We call them tyrants… Many of which are to be found in public office and for those running the hysteria from behind the scenes these are the “useful idiots”.  They cause problems and disruption, the intended consequence of the mass misinformation program, but don’t really understand the reasoning behind why they’re so upset.  Reasoning isn’t their strong suit…

I recommended to my friend with the brick-and-mortar business to find some research, substantiate some credible information, and post it both at the doors of their physical business as well as full documentation on their website for review.

Credible and Referenced Information

History teaches us to consider our actions carefully.

I found my friend an article by one Dr. Russel Blaylock, a 26-year Neurosurgeon with a paragraph of accolades to his credit who offered his well-informed opinion on the practice of wearing masks to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and any health risks that can be attributed to the practice.  I took notes on the article and boiled it down to the most pertinent points for my friend’s business as well as arranged them into an easily digestible order.  I also suggested the inclusion of an invitation to review the complete article on their website, urged the inclusion of a QR-code for easy scanning link-connection, as well as links to the original article.

If you run a physical location, be it a store, a restaurant, or any other walk-in business, I suggest you consider posting such on your website and get a few posters printed for your windows and doors.  A unified front of accurate reliable information is how we’ll fight back against the gathering gloom of darkness and ignorance; otherwise known as evil.

Suggested Sign Copy

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The FACTS according to Dr. Russell Blaylock
26-year Neurosurgeon

“…not to wear a mask, as these studies suggest, is the wise choice.” Blaylock

-No studies support that masks protect against Covid-19, none.
-Masks are not proven to protect against similar illnesses, 17 studies
-Masks concentrate exhaust gases and contaminants in nose and lungs
-Masks promote hypoxia, reduction in blood oxygen levels (bad)
-Low blood oxygen levels restrict immune system function
-Masks promote hypercapnia, elevation in blood CO2 levels (bad)
-Masks reduce efficient lung function

-High risk: those with underlying medical conditions
-High risk: advanced aged or compromised immune systems

-Spread of a virus through healthy population increases herd immunity

Read Dr. Blaylock’s article with references at:
[website address] [QR Code]


-the majority infected present little to no illness
-those with serious underlying medical conditions are most at risk
-highest risk posed to advanced age and compromised immune systems
-intubation and ventilators are suspected to increase risk of death
-masks concentrate exhaust gases and contaminants in nasal passages increasing risks
-of 17 mask studies, none establish a conclusive protection vs. influenza (1)
-No studies exist that support Covid-19 protection with masks, NONE.
-studies support evidence that mask wearing promotes health hazards (2)
-a reduction in blood oxygenation (hypoxia) or an elevation in blood C02 (hypercapnia) with N95 rated as well as surgical rated masks.
-wearing of a mask can reduce lung function
-a drop in oxygen levels (hypoxia) is associated with an impairment in immunity (ref 5-6-7)
-Low oxygen also promotes inflammation which can promote the growth, invasion and spread of cancers. (ref 8-9)
-[a sick person] constantly rebreathing (contagions), raising the concentration of (them) in the lungs and the nasal passages.
-olfactory nerves in concentrated contagion environment may transmit these directly to the brain
-letting the virus spread through the healthier population we will reach a herd immunity level rather quickly

the original post link by Blaylock

Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy



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