Within minutes of posting the following on Facebook, those who run Facebook, either by employee or by AI-bot, banned the attached image which presented the evidence.  I swear all the people in involved with that company belong in jail.  Such abusive behavior and fraud; and they have the gaul to sit in judgement of others.

John 3:19 "...light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."

These people dwell in darkness.  They hide truth amid the shadows.  They continue to succeed because few are brave enough to cast light on their deeds.

This is what was posted along with the image which they continue to suppress:


I need your help. This is how Facebook treats people. I found how their system works, put that knowledge to use, succeeded and they shut me down. Note the message that I get in the attached image when I try to invite new people to like the TeeRanter page.

"You Can't Invite Friends Right Now. To prevent any misuse, we limit how often you can do certain things on Facebook. It looks like you hit one of our limits."

Note: they don't tell you what misuse they are guarding.

Note also, they don't tell you what limit that is, just arbitrarily shut you down. That's discriminatory and abusive.

Nearly 11,000 likes on Tee Ranter, 463 likes on that particular post previously, but no more. I started the same type of campaign on my MONEYSMART page, the one that helps people get out of debt, do better financially, and build their own resources... and in their world view, we can't have that. They've suppressed my work there for years.

I'll remind you as I reminded THEM in the report that I sent them Friday, which they've ignored for two days... "I AM CURRENTLY PAYING FOR A PAGE-LIKE CAMPAIGN!" Campaigns ran fine on TeeRanter until I ran a similar campaign on MoneySmart and someone connected the two...

"We can't have people succeeding and not beholding to our system of dependence and imperialism."

I encourage people in MoneySmart to build their financial power so that they can positively influence the world around them. And from their perspective, apparently, empowering people cannot be allowed.

They don't care. Only certain people, certain businesses are "essential". Precisely the reasoning and attitude I started TeeRanter to answer.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."  Ephesians 6:12

As sharp a two edged sword as has ever been wielded in a fight.  The fight we're in is not racial, or provincial, or with people spreading terror; we are in a fight against evil.

Created with GIMP

I can't ask you buy a t-shirt, can't even ask you to pick a design, a story, and share it to raise awareness, but I know what I'd do in the face of oppression... you watched me do it. You'll likely continue to watch me do it. In this world where those with money impose their will upon the rest of us without a voice, find a message you believe in and throw in your support, even if that message isn't here among my work.

If we don't defend freedom, speak of it, and make it mainstream, we won't have it.  Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.  One candle in a darkened room and darkness is no more.  Banish the darkness.

How To Change The World:

"for the love of money is the root of all evil..." 1 Timothy 6:10

The best way to hit these large, multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies is to affect their profit margin.  They don't listen to anything else.

For each action, it will likely take you LESS THAN 30 seconds.  You see a company ad, follow the link, find your text, copy, paste, enter (or send) and you're done.  You've just participated in defeating evil; 30 seconds of your time.  But first, you must make a decision that you'll participate, and that you'll find others willing to participate.

Why take part in this fight?  Because you'd rather be free than be enslaved by another's will and vision for your life.  Because you'd like to be heard when you have something to say.  And you might think, "but they aren't suppressing YOUR speech..." until they are; and they will.  Allowing them to continue to suppress anyone's speech is granting them permission to continue to suppress speech, and they will eventually get around to you.

Here's What To Do:

  • Avoid targeting any small business, they are likely victims also.  Target the large corporations.
  • Do not post on your timeline in Facebook or any other platform; we don't want them to easily connect your account.  Make them work a bit to do that.  When there are enough of us, none of that will matter.
  • Save the link to this page, or simply know where to find it.  Also, copy and paste the Post Copy below into a text document where you can easily find it and copy and paste it when you need it.  Save the copy and the link (see below).
  • Anytime you see an ad on Facebook for a company, product, or service that you WOULD SUPPORT or are interested in, follow the link to their company page and post the Post Copy:
  • The more posts these companies see on their own page, the more weight your personal boycott will carry.  Imagine you got 50-100-250 posts a day to your company page, or your email inbox that said, "I'm done doing business with you..."  Would we have your attention?  That's the power of this strategy.
  • Send friends and family a text message, or put out an email: "Here is how we fight evil, read through How to Change the World" and include the link to this story.   You can likely also post in groups who have a freedom and liberty interest.
  • Emails to large groups that aren't sent out on a service like MailChimp tend to be dumped in the "junk folder".  Best to copy and paste and direct-mail one target person at a time, and do a few people a day over several days.
  • Drop friends and family the link of this story, these events, and this strategy to everyone you know who is on Facebook and do it OFF of FACEBOOK.
  • Encourage them to read this article to the end on "How to Change The World".
  • Follow up with them an hour later, or a day, or a week later.  People who value their freedom will reveal what they believe.
  • Do NOT harass people, but it's okay to gently remind and encourage them to help.

Post Copy:

NOTICE: As long as this company continues to support platforms like this one which suppresses free speech, which approves some opinions and cancel others, which chooses who gets to succeed and who does not, I will associate this company with such oppressive views of modern slavery and will avoid any and all products, services, and offerings associated in any way with this company.  In addition, I will encourage all those with whom I associate to mirror my concern, review your company policy, and the human rights violations committed through the policies active on the publishing platforms on which your company is advertising and encourage those also to cease all support and trade with your company until which time both your company AND the company on whose platform you advertise appear to publicly and legally abolish such practices and include in their company description an affirmation to cease suppression of free speech, discriminatory practices on any basis, and cease to actively interfere with inter-state and inter-national trade.  These values reflect the full expectation of respect for the individual human person's unalienable rights who operate or work for the companies with which I choose to do business.  Unalienable rights cannot be removed from living persons and are theirs from their creation.

Twitter Copy:

Use the company @[twitter handle] and reply to one of their posts or advertisements with the following text:

"Since @[twitterhandle] supports with ad revenues companies like Twitter, who actively suppress free speech, I will boycott your company and encourage all with whom I associate to do the same."

include a copy of [this post link]

Save to Text Document:

Use the following format to save for future use these text items to a text document on your internet devices:

  • "Here is how we fight evil.  Read through How to Change the World"
  • [copy this post link]
  • [copy the Post Copy]
  • [copy the Twitter Copy]


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