I’ve posted news, that tends to be accountable and accurate, to my website and YouTube channel through RSS feeds and video highlights from independent sources.

If you’re looking for an alternative to being force-fed information from one or two sources with a similar agenda, you’ll find news sources from all over the world on my YouTube channels list, with highlighted videos that I ‘liked’ for whatever reason lined up at the bottom.  The RSS feed on my website lists articles from the most trusted news sources that I have found.  Countries represented are the USA, Britain, Germany, Russia, Israel, and Canada.  I will add more as I find others that pass the litmus test.  I hope you find them as valuable a source of information as I do.

In recent events I’ve been appalled at the lack of integrity displayed by the so-called ‘professionals’ that cover current events, who refer to themselves as ‘journalists’.  There was once a time when you researched your points as fact, backed up points with hard evidence you could prove, referred to people who had names (and irreproachable reputations), and vetted both their story and character before you even considered outing the details and leveling a public accusation.  To do otherwise is sometimes referred to in legal circles as slander.  Notice that no one in particular is named as I would then need to back up my accusations.  No accusations; just observation and opinion here (this time).

The reason for this post is that I grew tired of not being able to trust the people piping information (read as opinion) into my living room, onto my computer screen, and through my RSS feeds by the common networks under the thinly veiled title of ‘news’.  I watched the broadcasts, became concerned over the issues, the assigned responsibility, and the implications and went looking for more information.

When I dug through all the garbage that would link up to that topic to find actual footage of the incident in question (the court proceeding and line of questioning, or footage at the scene of the person in the spot light), I noticed there were grave inconsistencies in the ‘information that was force-fed to me through the media’ and ‘what actually happened in the courtroom’ or on the scene.  I came to this abrupt conclusion: ‘You give me facts, I’ll decide what I believe and how I feel about it, or get out of my living room’.  I began looking elsewhere for information about local and world events.

The networks that dispatch a truck and camera crew, even by radio or cell phone while patrolling, simply show up too late anymore.  Almost everyone carries high res still cameras, video cameras, and recording equipment with them on their cell phones and footage is uploaded on the scene through data links to the internet before the network trucks even arrive.  I remember having the network news on the TV behind me while I logged into my email and every story they covered in the first 5 minutes was on my Yahoo.com home page.  Sometimes, that’s where they get their tips…  Sad.  People on the scene are documenting the incidents as they happen.  That on the spot recording will become even more common and the network news media and obligatory broadcast each day, currently required as a condition of their broadcast license, will become more and more irrelevant.

People who cover stories to make a buck will always look for the ‘human interest’ and push the ‘drama button’ whenever possible.  I just want to be able to trust what they are telling me.

Best wishes!

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