The Uphill Climb

For this status post I had to pass on a segment of Peter Schiff’s recent podcast where he discusses the relationship between your employer, government regulations, and you as an employee.

Who Pays for Government Programs?

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In Uncle Sam We Trust

Slowly but Certainly, Social Security Is Failing.

I see this routinely as I assist clients in preparing for retirement and other financial goals.  This statement is directly from the Social Security Administration’s web page that assists people with estimating their expected benefits at retirement:

“The law governing benefit amounts may change because, by 2034, the combined trust fund reserves are projected to become depleted – the same as projected last year. Payroll taxes collected will be enough to pay only about 79 cents for each dollar of scheduled benefits.”
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Trading time for dollars?

A talented skill set and a good job are a great start to providing for your cost of living, which seems to be growing each year.  Trading time for another person’s dollars has its limits in available time and the years you can work.  In fact, real levels of inflation are much higher than the government reported numbers! *  Your dollar covers less and less in expenses every year.

If you don’t grow your savings beyond inflation rates and avoid market loss, inflation will steal your future purchasing power.  The most powerful factor in growing your savings is time; so, don’t waste any.  I can show you ways to protect your savings from market losses, to grow at enviable rates, and increase your liquidity while avoiding penalties and taxes.

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Saving should be predictable.

You don’t have to be a securities analyst or a day-trader and follow the market daily to grow your personal, family, or retirement savings.  Many people do this by allowing a fund manager, a market professional, to run the mutual funds within their 401(k) or IRA accounts.  What people don’t often see is the 4.5 to 6 percent in fees that professional management costs them each year.  They also don’t consider that they ride the market both up and DOWN, slowing their growth or even stealing their wealth when bubbles pop as in 2000 and 2008.  There are safer ways to grow your savings, and I’ll be happy to help you understand them.

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Your Stored Work Energy

In our culture, people tend to expand their lifestyle up to the limit of their cash flow.  Whether abundant or more humble, more money usually means nicer homes, newer cars, and more expenses.  Discretionary income is your financial power, your “stored work energy” that you decide not to spend before you even have it.  Someone young and intelligent, with a good skill set, good job, and disciplined spending habits, can accomplish enough savings-growth in 20 to 30 years to retire 15 to 20 years before 67, or perhaps fund their own company!  What if you knew how to do this when you were still in your 20’s?  What if your significant cash flow could help you catch up?

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What Client Fees?


In my daily perusal of my own social media marketing efforts, I often see how other businesses approach their use of social media.  Yesterday I saw a post that read on the order of, “Discussing advisory fees with clients can be a challenge.”  I thought, I find it rather easy in that a single sentence makes both the client and me very, very happy: “Clients don’t pay me for my Wealth Strategies Services.” Continue reading “What Client Fees?”

The Banks’ Game

After the Dot-com-bubble from 2000-2003 decreased market values by nearly 50% sending hundreds of thousands of retirees back into the workforce, the banking industry systemically lowered mortgage qualification standards and drew more artificial value into the markets creating a housing bubble.  They washed their hands of the mess and sold these mortgages as bundles of “mortgage-backed securities” to investors, largely retirees, who again lost more value when the housing bubble burst.  Let me know when you’re ready to learn about non-banking-centered growth of your savings.

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What if…

What if falling-market-loss could be replaced by a guaranteed floor that prevents market loss against your account?  What if there were no taxes or penalties for using your wealth before 59-1/2?*  What if your 401(k)-rollover earned you up to a 10% bonus in your account at implementation and both capital and bonus earned future returns?  What if I showed you how these strategies work and all it cost you was a little time to learn something new?

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*vs. TDRPs like 401(k) and IRAs

Why Wealth is Elusive

Information today in the information age is readily available.  The problem lies in the credibility and verifiable nature of the information you have at your fingertips and which is being presented to you without you having to go searching for it.  “It’s on the news, it must be true…”
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Testimonial Videos Premiere!

I have been wanting to include some of my best clients in video testimonials for prospective clients and for new clients to review and also share.  When you find something good, something exceptional, it’s natural to want to share it with people close to you whom you care about. Continue reading “Testimonial Videos Premiere!”