Which Straw? Which Camel?

More and more I find the old axiom true: its not what happens, but how you react to events, or are prepared for them, that matters.

In 2008 a bursting real estate #bubble was one key event in bringing down market values in the financial sector and therefore the entire #market. While scores of mortgages with reduced borrower requirements are less of an issue today, an overvalued real estate market can play a major role if its not the trigger.
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2018’s Current Unseen Crisis

Embedded below are three of the best interviews that I have heard lately that sum up the extent and magnitude of the economic situation that we are currently in worldwide.  In addition, I’ve added some of my own comments and perspective to try to bring those who aren’t at all familiar with the topic up to speed.

The Dow Jones has hit $26,600+ and all other indices have recently hit all-time highs.  Government regulations that hamper the development and expansion of business have been rolled back at historic 20 to 1 levels.  Continue reading “2018’s Current Unseen Crisis”

USAA and Fox’s Sean Hannity

USAA recently pulled its advertising from the Sean Hannity show on FOX’s news network due to the political content and thousands of clients are dropping their accounts!

While it’s a good thing to recognize market extortion when you see it, and even more impressive to take a stand and react to it actively, many people make decisions like this emotionally without considering related consequences.  Moving your business from a company with whom it offends you to continue doing business is a positive reaction, but doing it properly with a little forethought for how it affects you can either hit or protect your wallet. Continue reading “USAA and Fox’s Sean Hannity”

Numismatic Coins vs. Precious Metals

Numismatic coins, valued for their rarity, beauty, and the perceived value of those that seek them, do not equate to the security of bullion; pure precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver.

Precious metals all have more than one function, the first being as an instrument in trade as ‘money’.  Metals have specific characteristics that allow them to function as money, which you are welcome to review with Mike Maloney at this link.  They also have characteristics that allow them to function with specialized purpose for industrial applications.  Platinum is used in the process of reducing carbon emissions and toxic gas from internal combustion engines as employed in catalytic converters on automobile exhaust. Continue reading “Numismatic Coins vs. Precious Metals”

The Newscast Crap-shoot…

I’ve posted news, that tends to be accountable and accurate, to my website and YouTube channel through RSS feeds and video highlights from independent sources.

If you’re looking for an alternative to being force-fed information from one or two sources with a similar agenda, you’ll find news sources from all over the world on my YouTube channels list, with highlighted videos that I ‘liked’ for whatever reason lined up at the bottom.  The RSS feed on my website lists articles from the most trusted news sources that I have found.  Countries represented are the USA, Britain, Germany, Russia, Israel, and Canada.  I will add more as I find others that pass the litmus test.  I hope you find them as valuable a source of information as I do. Continue reading “The Newscast Crap-shoot…”

Dancing Under the Bubble Machine

On Tues., May 16, 2017 Michael Maloney released an important update to his subscribers detailing why current conditions indicate a coming market crash.

He reviews market values, P/E ratios, margin amounts and other factors that indicate instability and a likely timeline for the impending event.

The Set of the Sails…

calculatorWith a new website and focus, I've swapped my marketing focus and website from book, or even my services, to myself.

I can offer many things from helping a family protect their wealth from market crashes, to passing more wealth onto the family avoiding taxes, to helping people learn basic financial management skills with my book and lecture series. Although I'd like my book to succeed because of what the skills learned through it can do for families, our nation, and the world at large, I'll leave it to my friends and clients as to what I can help them with that they'd like to hear about and pursue.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote in her poem, One Ship Sails East, '...'Tis the set of the sails, and not the gales, that tells the way we go'. To that end, I've set my sails to carry me toward a rising sun and a new day.

Join me, won't you?