MoneySmart Solutions, 2nd Ed.

MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions, 2nd Edition

MoneySmart, 2nd Edition

Change your relationship with money forever and never look back!  Each chapter is paired with tools that teach you the principles of wealth accumulation and simplify managing your cash flow and expenses so that you gain control over your financial situation.  When you're in control, you can accomplish your financial goals.  When you have your own wealth, your wealth can empower you to accomplish your personal goals.  Over ten chapters of timeless financial principles that will enable you to understand and accumulate wealth.  (retail $24.95 USD)  ISBN-13: 978-1548077693

Four new chapters!:  Debt Reduction, Raising your Credit Score, Where to Find More Money, and The Nature of Money... (See below)

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Four New Chapters!

Four topics that address the biggest problems facing consumers and investors today have been added in the Second Edition in addition to fine tuning the already life-changing content of the original MoneySmart Workbook. Super-charge the pursuit of your financial success!

Chapter 7 - Where to Find More Money

One of the major problems faced by every family and individual today is having too many financial responsibilities and/or goals and not enough financial energy to power them all!  This chapter provides tools and ideas to uncover financial resources you may not realize you have!  In addition, you might also consider the MoneySmart Personal Finance Course Guide to Wealth.

 Chapter 8 - How to Reduce Your Debt Load

Covering unexpected expenses and the allure of "easy money" can lead the unsuspecting consumer into a very deep debt pit.  There are several tried and true strategies to evaluate and organize your outstanding debts so that you can pay them off quicker and pay less in total negative interest!

 Chapter 9 -  How & Why to Manage Your Credit Score

Credit scores have been around for many years, but many people don't realize that they are used for more than just loan applications.  Employers are using credit scores to gauge integrity, character, and responsibility in the hiring process. Even your car insurance rates can be lower if your financial credit is higher!  When you do need to borrow to make a large purchase like a home or a car, higher credit ratings result in lower interest rates and over time, that's "money in your pocket!"  In addition, you might also consider the MoneySmart Personal Finance Course Build Your Credit (pending).

Chapter 11 -  The Nature of Money

Most people would tell you they understand money if you asked them.  Most people are both broke and in debt when you compare all their assets to their liabilities!  What is used today throughout the world in trade is actually "currency" not "money".  There's a major functional difference which, if not understood, can result in financial ruin.

The Old Favorites...

Go from broke and in-debt to wealthy.

The cornerstone chapters from MoneySmart v1 are still there, though they may have been assigned a new chapter number!  Learn your own financial skills and empower your financial future without buying packages and promises for hundreds of dollars or paying a professional accountant or attorney thousands of dollars to do it for you!  Learn your own skills, empower your own future...

Ch1 - Monthly Cash Flow
Ch2 - Monthly Budget
Ch3 - Financial Goals
Ch4 - Multiple Incomes
Ch5 - Annual Log
Ch6 - Savings Allocation
Ch7 - Where to Find More Money
Ch8 - How to Reduce Your Debt
Ch9 - Manage Your Credit Score
Ch10 - Pie Charts
Ch11 - The Nature of Money
Ch12 - Investment Position
Ch13 - Conclusions

MoneySmart Walk-through Series:

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The chapter walk-throughs can be taken a la carte (only as needed), or purchased as a group at a discount.  Consider this video series presented by the author as a supplement to the MoneySmart book where additional clarification or help is needed beyond the written chapter guide and instructions.  The chapter walk-through also serves well to target and solve one specific money management issue.

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MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions
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