Social Media and Fascism in Amerika

A letter to my Senators and Congressman:


It must be nice to have one’s toast buttered on both sides and live both fat and happy.  Such is the case with social media platforms who have developed the leading communication channels of our time and claim both “property rights” and “freedom of speech”.

When the telephone and radio were the technology by which people communicated both in personal and mass reach, it would have been wholly unthinkable, in fact tyranny, to block a radio transmission or to simply “not connect your call” to the person you wished to speak to.  What if any clerk or letter carrier at the post office simply chose to discard a letter or letters and obstruct it from its destination; a federal crime, is it not?
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Seasoned Professional, 10 Years to Retirement

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This engineering professional had accumulated a good-sized 401(k) with a large public firm and had a desire to remove as much of his accumulated retirement wealth from the risk of any Wall Street market exposure as possible.  The description on his account statement that he was “100% vested” lead him to believe that he was in complete control of his retirement funds.  The reality, however, was that the company for which he worked and the custodian that held his funds would not release a surprisingly large portion of his retirement wealth despite classifying it as 401(k) to IRA rollover. Continue reading “Seasoned Professional, 10 Years to Retirement”

The Newscast Crap-shoot…

I’ve posted news, that tends to be accountable and accurate, to my website and YouTube channel through RSS feeds and video highlights from independent sources.

If you’re looking for an alternative to being force-fed information from one or two sources with a similar agenda, you’ll find news sources from all over the world on my YouTube channels list, with highlighted videos that I ‘liked’ for whatever reason lined up at the bottom.  The RSS feed on my website lists articles from the most trusted news sources that I have found.  Countries represented are the USA, Britain, Germany, Russia, Israel, and Canada.  I will add more as I find others that pass the litmus test.  I hope you find them as valuable a source of information as I do. Continue reading “The Newscast Crap-shoot…”

A Cash-ionary Tale

Ben FranklinAt the time this article is being written, there are people discussing in our government representation (and in fact worldwide) the removal of cash in the form of currency from the monetary system.  While I’m no fan of the current state of our currency system, it’s important to understand the effect that such a consideration has on society and your freedom as an individual.  First, without cash, you will have to process purchases, any and all purchases, through a system that processes payments, and the entity running that system will be able to track every transaction that you make.  The standard argument is that, ‘if you aren’t doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about’, until you actually have to live under that system.  Bear with me as I illuminate the issue: Continue reading “A Cash-ionary Tale”