More and more I find the old axiom true: its not what happens, but how you react to events, or are prepared for them, that matters.

In 2008 a bursting real estate #bubble was one key event in bringing down market values in the financial sector and therefore the entire #market. While scores of mortgages with reduced borrower requirements are less of an issue today, an overvalued real estate market can play a major role if its not the trigger.

If you think you can watch a water-balloon fight standing next to the participants and escape the fallout, you’re in for some unsettling news. When events converge to release the energy of debt stored in the consumer, corporate, and nation-state entities around the world, everyone will be affected in some way.  There’s more debt than ever out there today and the Fed’s answer is to raise interest rates; well, they couldn’t lower them any further…

Are you prepared to weather that storm? Have you prepared to benefit from that storm? … a rather different question.

The recent fires raging in California have been a concern, though fire is a part of the creation process. Farmers have burned their fields and plowed them under for nearly as long as man has cultivated plants for food. Wildfires are also part of the creation process, as long as you can stay out of their way.

My Wealth Strategies clients are protected from a loss of value in a falling market, and many have chosen to directly benefit from the massive bounce in market values like those that followed a #crash in both 2001 and 2008.

Is your retirement and/or family wealth tied directly to Wall Street? Can your retirement or family legacy plans survive a loss of 40-50% as in 2001 and 2008?  …or more as some predictions are as high as 90%?

Why not look into options to protect yourself and keep growing?  Here’s some information on how I can help you avoid the fallout.

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