In my daily perusal of my own social media marketing efforts, I often see how other businesses approach their use of social media.  Yesterday I saw a post that read on the order of, “Discussing advisory fees with clients can be a challenge.”  I thought, I find it rather easy in that a single sentence makes both the client and me very, very happy: “Clients don’t pay me for my Wealth Strategies Services.”

The simplicity sometimes baffles those that are expecting something more complex or an agenda not completely transparent.  So, I’ll say it again…

“Clients don’t pay me for my Wealth Strategies Services.”

So how’s that work?  Well, managing large sums of money and doing so effectively and efficiently allows the businesses that do pay me to make good returns on the money that they are growing on behalf of the clients.  In fact they manage billions of dollars, the lions share being awarded back into client accounts as returns, interest, dividends, and any other number of terms that describe a process of being paid for allowing someone else to use your capital.  From the small percentage that the finance company keeps, they pay their own bills, and pay themselves back for the money they paid me when the client’s account was put into place, before they were able to start earning a return with funds in the client’s account.  The company goes “into the hole” at the outset… more on this idea later.

The Biggest Benefit to the Client

The biggest benefit to clients is that 100% of their account funding goes to work for them from the outset without fees to pay your adviser being taken “off the top”.  All of the client’s money goes to work for them from day one, and in rare cases, both the clients capital and a bonus paid to them both go to work from day one!  In the long-term nature of growing your savings, your personal, family, and retirement wealth; that one idea is a huge benefit for both client and adviser.

I’m paid as an agent that locates clients that seek my help (hence my marketing efforts), for educating the clients as to the features, advantages, and benefits of the accounts that we offer, for assisting clients through the application process*, and for maintaining a relationship and making myself available to answer questions and further guide clients with their accounts.  All for which clients pay precisely zero out of their own money.  The companies that service the client accounts actually incur expenses in paying out bonuses to clients at inception (where available), and in paying fees to agents like myself after all my work is done.  The company pays me from their own money after I’ve located, educated, assisted, and delivered to them a new client account.

“Aren’t you then predisposed to recommend that for which you are paid the most?”  That might seem to be an obvious temptation, but “no.”

A Happy Client with 3 to 5 Referrals is More Valuable

First, I work for the client, and their opinion that they were well treated and presented with options that served their best interest are worth more to me in recommendations and referrals than any one-time sale.  Second, I specialize in a niche of the financial industry where I employ guaranteed insurance contracts of one type or another to help clients grow their wealth safely away from Wall Street and the banking industry.  Either a client understands the outstanding benefits we can produce for them, or they don’t.  There isn’t enough difference to me in compensation of the products I represent to risk ruining a client relationship or tanking a new client account.  I bring the best I have to the table for each respective client and I have seen that people appreciate that level of respect.

“I work first and eat later.”

I’m paid on the back end… Which means I “work first and eat later.”  As I said earlier, the companies go “into the hole” at the outset because they pay me after the account is established, but before they can put money to work and earn any return for the client or themselves.

The whole problem that makes difficult those “client conversations” mentioned in the post I saw yesterday on client fees, is that both the agent and the company in question “eats first and works later… and maybe the client will benefit, depending on how the market reacts.”  That difference is one of the main reasons why I like the little corner of specialized service that I bring to the table for my clients.


Learn More About Financial Alternatives

If you’d like to know more about the options for growing personal, family, and retirement wealth away from the inherent risk of Wall Street and the near-zero rates offered for financial products of the banking industry, contact me and we’ll get that conversation started.  I’d be pleased to help you understand the options within the tax code that the financially savvy have been using to safely grow the foundations of their wealth for over 100 years!

If you’re ready to start that conversation now, click the “Tell Me About You” button below and provide me with some general information about your situation.  I’ll be sure to review it before we schedule a time to discuss how I can help you to safely grow your hard-earned savings.

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*…You don’t get these accounts just because you want one.  You have to apply, be approved, and there’s a good amount of paperwork that I handle on behalf of the applicants in the days following implementation of the Patriot Act.

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