Introduced today complete with the DPWS (David Pandone Wealth Strategies) logo is a new Services Overview video.  With the new year came new directions and some changes in how my business, website, and publishing efforts are being pursued.

Last year I was encouraged to take half of my professional financial services business to an independent status.  This year after several months of seeing the effects of a bit more freedom, and some critical analysis of continuing business with a cooperating partner, I felt it was a better idea to seek complete independence.

While this video is a desktop capture rather than a studio production in a suit, with high quality cameras, and professional lighting… I think I was able to capture more ideas in less time.  I consider it a temporary measure until I can get back into the studio and replace the content that bore another business’ name.  No need to do that.

I hope you find something that piques your interest and sparks the beginning of a conversation!

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