A talented skill set and a good job are a great start to providing for your cost of living, which seems to be growing each year.  Trading time for another person’s dollars has its limits in available time and the years you can work.  In fact, real levels of inflation are much higher than the government reported numbers! *  Your dollar covers less and less in expenses every year.

If you don’t grow your savings beyond inflation rates and avoid market loss, inflation will steal your future purchasing power.  The most powerful factor in growing your savings is time; so, don’t waste any.  I can show you ways to protect your savings from market losses, to grow at enviable rates, and increase your liquidity while avoiding penalties and taxes.

Contact me and we’ll begin that conversation:  PH: 209-651-0809 or davidpandone@gmail.com

* http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/inflation-charts


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