Cash disbursal and debt forgiveness have come to the table in many conversations from those “leading” in government and those watching closely their decisions, discussions, and actions.

I’m never a proponent of “taking the easy road” when the easy road is “the wrong thing to do”, but our leadership has been doing the worst thing financially and fiscally for so long, they don’t know how to do anything else.

Relics of History: Fiat currency backed by nothing and tokens in scrap metal?

From what I’m hearing, our leaders intend to print and drop cash onto the citizens as a form of relief.  They have painted us into such a narrow corner that there is no other alternative as they see it.  They have devalued the Federal Reserve Dollar so far, have lied to US citizens for so long, that they have kept the American population from getting prepared and very few people are ready to weather anything like this storm or even see it coming in any degree.

How this changes my outlook:

If they are going to throw dollars to the public and forgive outstanding debt, don’t pay more than you must to stay current on debt until you find out if government is just going to “erase” it on your behalf. In the meantime, don’t ruin your credit, but if they start forgiving debt and sending out currency as “relief”, save as much of your currency as you can and turn any you have and any that they send to you into sustainable food, household supplies, silver, and gold in that order.

Zimbabwe 1T Note

Zimbabwe’s One-Trillion Dollar Note; once available for purchase in bricks, priced per pound.

The dollar is singing its swan song and isn’t long for this world as it’s going to be printed into oblivion. Everyone will eventually seek something that will hold value while the world heads for a “new monetary standard”. The only thing that has worked without fail in 5000 years of mankind’s history has been gold and silver, and people will be lining up to find as much as they can before their dollars are used for the toilet paper they can’t find on the store shelf.  If you don’t know, you should have been told that every fiat currency backed by nothing has eventually reverted to it’s inherent value of zero.  Germany has a museum established in memorial to that monumental human failure.

Where we’ll land:

It’s been said that, “Americans Will Always Do the Right Thing — After Exhausting All the Alternatives” or words to that effect; a quote that’s been attributed to Winston Churchill and others.  Our nation is a grand experiment in the history of mankind.  We tend to allow and encourage disparate (very different) ideas in the laboratory of finding that which is most effective and efficient.  That’s how free enterprise should work… without a bunch of government intervention by the nanny state to keep us safe.  Lord knows we can’t be trusted to decide what we think is best for ourselves and our own families.

US 1oz Gold Double Eagle Obverse

If we land in the proper place in terms of this currency devaluation and fiat currency failure once the US Federal Reserve note realizes its ultimate value of zero and we trip through a few alternatives, I believe we’ll end up back at gold and silver.  These are what are proven to function as money.  Government can’t just make more gold and silver.  They aren’t compounds, these are elements on the periodic table.  When we can trade grams and milligrams of precious metals quickly with 100% Byzantine consensus among individuals and institutions we’ll be back to a monetary system that will work as the creator of money intended.

You can read about how I see that vision coming to fruition in my earlier blog article HERE.

You’ll find these points of discussion and related information in Max Keiser’s most recent release below:


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