I have been wanting to include some of my best clients in video testimonials for prospective clients and for new clients to review and also share.  When you find something good, something exceptional, it’s natural to want to share it with people close to you whom you care about.

Each of the instructional videos I have posted and these new testimonial videos make it easy to share good ideas with friends, family, and coworkers that would appreciate learning more!  … and you don’t have to explain a thing!  You type “Interesting idea that I’ve included in my plans…” Copy, paste, & send!  If I can make it easier than that, do let me know!

You’ll find my Youtube Channel HERE:

The premier of these videos don’t launch until tomorrow and Friday, however, if you’re connected or following me on social media, you can check them out early on my website on the Testimonials Page!  Follow the link and you can watch the embedded videos right on the webpage!

My thanks to the special people, truly good sports, who humored me to help out, or have promised to help out with the testimonial videos.  Not everyone is necessarily open to being photographed and video taped… be we had a good time with it!  Watch for more to follow…

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