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Ever have something to say about the world around you and think, “That would be great on a t-shirt!” That’s where this idea started. There was enough happening in the pre-spring, Covid-19 lockdown culture and lack-of-economy that I had plenty to say.

If we’re going to change the world, we have to change the points of discussion on the table. “I like your shirt, what’s it mean?” is a great conversation starter!

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MoneySmart Store

The MoneySmart Merch store offers MoneySmart logo items and related designs that highlight current wealth issues such as protecting purchasing power of savings with gold and silver precious metals.

US Gold Double Eagle

US Gold Double Eagle mint design with Obverse on the front, and Reverse... well, you get the idea.

US Silver Eagle

US Silver Eagle mint design with Obverse on the front, and with the reverse on the back.

MoneySmart Line Logo

MoneySmart Line Logo highlighted with a (7) round stack.

MoneySmart 2-Line Logo

MoneySmart 2-Line Logo highlighted with a (7) round stack.  Both text and round stack graphic is larger than single line.

MoneySmart Logo Items

The MoneySmart RoundStack graphic depicts that even great wealth is created one step, one deposit, one good decision at a time.

Step by Step Wealth

This graphic provides the subtle reminder that a consistent habit of savings, or consistent marketing of business services or products, results in cash flow that can be focused toward your goals.  The sooner you embrace the idea that money is stored work energy, the easier it will be to power those goals.

Step by Step Wealth

MoneySmart helps you easily manage income, expenses, debts, goals, and investments so you can create your own extra.  Once you learn the basics, MoneySmart tools organize your finances to the point where a little 5th-grade math makes it add, subtract... simple!  Problems solved!

Man wearing a very cool t-shirt.

"...zero room for petty tyrants."

The focus is on two main fronts, my interest in music, and my patriotic defense of the ideals of Freedom within a Constitutional Republic like the United States. There are many problems on the patriotic front with corruption seeping through the cracks in many areas like a leaking port-a-potty. Yes, it stinks, I have plenty to say about it, and it can be hard not to “step in it” along the way.

A Parallel Mission:

In addition, our youth culture is dragging things in a direction which many don't seem to realize ends badly, even when compared to their own desires and goals.

The messaging of TeeRanter becomes important in that if we can attract young people through things they enjoy, like music and interesting designs on shirts, then maybe we can help them associate with ideals that will lead them to the kind of freedom and liberty that they keep speaking about, yet seem all too willing to undermine!

Help us with spreading that message.  Find a PATRIOTIC design you like, buy it, wear it, or simply share the images and descriptions on social media and tell others why you like the design, message, or both.  Encourage others to share also!

MUSIC themed designs:
see slide show examples at page bottom

PATRIOTIC themed designs:
see slide show examples below

First, be certain when you shop that you’re looking at the store that interests you. Each of the slide show items has an action button that will take you straight to the product page or to the related storefront.

Select designs from the Patriotic line

See the catalog of current PATRIOTIC theme designs at

Team America 2020

Love the guy or #hate him, he's our best bet to drain the swamp and return America to it's citizens. This design features no name, but a team spirit that all Americans should #share, that we stand together for one another to again work toward our shared ideals. Many people; one great country.

Freedom is Everything!

"Freedom is EVERYTHING" is featured on the back of this Special Edition Tee.  Create the chance to talk about freedom with this simple, clean design.  Because talking about it, and raising appreciation may be the only way we’ll keep it… and everything you love is connected to it.

US 2nd Amendment

The second Amendment protects the right of US citizens to keep and bear arms. As with the law of nature, every living thing has the right to protect itself. No gazelle on the savanna is obligated to be a lion's lunch.

A Horrible Disease

TDS is a horrible disease... Thankfully symptoms can be greatly eased with a little laughter. Poke some fun at your Trump Deranged friends with this design available in various colors for men and women.

The Patriot

A Patriot is " a person who loves his or her country and is ready to boldly support and defend it." None of us got here solely on our own efforts but are also products of parents, community, country, and in the case of the US, the FREEDOM to pursue your dreams. A Patriot, wherever born, is grateful for those gifts in their life.

The Tiny Space Between Us

Our lives can overlap in amazing ways. The only space, a very tiny space, government should occupy in our lives is resolving problems we can't resolve ourselves. Get that conversation started with this design.

Seek Truth, Live Free.

With freedom, comes responsibility.  As citizens of a free society, especially in a republic where we can vote, valid information is how we decide how we shall vote.

If the information isn’t true, the decisions will be wrong, and eventually we will lose both our country and our freedom.

Seek truth, live free.  Settle for nothing less.

Tiny Space

Your life and my life should overlap peacefully.  The only place government belongs is the very tiny space where our lives overlap and we cannot reconcile our differences.  At that point, it can be good to have a few guidelines.  Otherwise, government needs to be out of our lives.  If you share that opinion, this design is an excellent way to express it.

Patrick Henry Bold

The very large skull and US flag motif appears on the front with Patrick Henry's famous 1775 quote "Give me Liberty or give me death" on the back.  Less bold versions are also available with the combined quote and graphic on the front.  Look for them at the Rant-A-Saurus Rex store and decide just how bold you are about your Freedom.

3.5M Square Miles of Freedom

"The United States of America, 3.5M square miles of Freedom and zero room for petty Tyrants" From city mayors harrassing citizens, to Governors plowing sand into private skateboard parks, to judges that demand a personal apology for refusal to follow their unconstitutional orders, 2020 saw many "public servants" well overstep the bounds of their authority.  Never forget it and remind others with this design.

SE Rant-A-Saurus Rex Tee.

"In the battle of ideas for Individual Freedom, only the strong survive" quote is featured on the reverse of this Special Edition Rant-A-Saurus Rex design.  A similar design printed front alone is available in white on dark, and black on light colors for both men and women.

Freedom is Everything!

Everything you love hinges upon your liberty, your freedom to pursue and obtain it. That concept in the USA has been so entrenched for so long, that some don't realize how different life would be if the terms of their life were dictated to them.  Also listed in white on darker colors.

Without Freedom...

... The USA would cease to exist.  It wouldn't be the country that you know now. Find a design you like, buy one, or simply share it across social media and say what it means to you.  Spark that conversation because if we don't begin speaking about how important freedom is, it might slip from our grasp.

Orwell 2020

In 2020 the Covid-19 virus ushered in new levels of government overreach, threatening inalienable rights. Relegate it to history.

Dogs are Good People!

No pet does unconditional love like your dog. This one's for dog people.


I'm fascinated by the focused disinterest of felines. This one's for cat people.

Broader item selection on RedBubble!

Be sure to check out the select Tee Ranter designs available on Redbubble.com.  A broader selection of items is available from phone cases, blankets, clocks, and tumblers but only on a select number of designs.  Sorry, some just wouldn't transfer.

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If music is your world...

As for my political standing, I’m a libertarian. That means I respect your freedom to do that which makes you happy until you’re affecting my and/or another’s freedom to do the same. You’ll see that sentiment reflected in several of the patriotic designs.

Share what you like, post photos on the TeeRanter FB page or on Instagram and Pinterest wearing what you bought, and tell others who share your passions where you found them. I’d appreciate it. Enjoy the designs, and let me know if you have an idea you’d like me to consider for a design.

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Several designs from the Music line.

See the catalog of current designs related to MUSIC at the Barking Mad Music store!

Perhaps... But I will SING to you.

When you are willing to share your soul through music, then your heart is open enough to solve a myriad of issues.  Slightly irresistible...

Oversized speaker design with "Crank-it VOLUME" label on back.

This design has been updated and posted by popular demand on the Barking Mad MUSIC store as of 5-15-2020.

"Howl like you're the only wolf in the wood."

Round MUSIC graphic with music symbols.

Many designs are available on apparel, totes, coffee mugs, and other items.  If the items you like aren't featured, follow on social media, and let us know what types of items on which you'd like to see any of these designs.

Drum graphic front and back with "drums" label.

Simple "Crank-it" design with GAIN label.

Fuzzy Wuzzy played guitar.

Round MUSIC graphic with music symbols.

This design is also available printed black on lighter colors.

Music's Energy Source

Lock into a groove and energy abounds. Black or white print on your choice of colors.

Jaco Live

Jaco Pastorius is said to have "revolutionized the way the bass guitar is played". It's storied he went at a '62 Fender Jazz bass with a butter knife to make his own fretless "Bass of Doom". (excerpts: jacopastorius.com)

Blonde L-5 Archtop

An arch-top guitar is a special instrument. When the natural wood grains show through a golden or amber finish, it's a thing of surreal beauty.

More on Redbubble!

Be sure to check out the select Tee Ranter designs available on Redbubble.com.  A broader selection of items is available from phone cases, blankets, clocks, and tumblers but only on a select number of designs.  Sorry, some just wouldn't transfer.

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