“A False Sense of Security” – Jim Rickards

As I speak with prospects, clients, and participate in chats and conversation, I find that people are having three main issues indirectly related to their financial well-being:

1) Work and family keeps them busy so they have difficulty keeping up with information that can help them.
2) Most don’t have a good source of information: main stream media has become more and more slanted to the extremes and doesn’t “report the events”, but promotes an agenda.
3) Many believe the information presented, which is largely inaccurate, can be misleading, and have become complacent thinking “everything’s fine”.
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“Those Who Don’t Learn From History…”

… are doomed to repeat it.”  That’s how the axiom goes.  Well doesn’t this sound frighteningly familiar.

Back in the early 2000’s, as a strategy to “beef up” the economy, the Federal Reserve banking cartel continued flooding the economy with easy money in a move they called “quantitative easing”, or QE2.  They had done it once before with similar consequences.  The “member banks”, and any other banking industry operators who smelled blood in the water at that time, reduced the requirements for home loans drastically expanding the market with “new buyers” who could qualify for loans under new rules which drove up housing prices.  …And then it all fell apart. Continue reading ““Those Who Don’t Learn From History…””