Testimonial Videos Premiere!

I have been wanting to include some of my best clients in video testimonials for prospective clients and for new clients to review and also share.  When you find something good, something exceptional, it’s natural to want to share it with people close to you whom you care about. Continue reading “Testimonial Videos Premiere!”

Guilt-Free Spending (part 2)

Part II

When you keep a budget, you should know where your money is, where it went, what it’s being used for, and how much you have reserved for your personal use.  The reason that many people don’t have money is that they don’t plan to have money.  Really, that’s not a flippant statement.  People who have money have made a plan to have money; meaning they’ve made a decision and a plan to not spend everything they makeContinue reading “Guilt-Free Spending (part 2)”

Numismatic Coins vs. Precious Metals

Numismatic coins, valued for their rarity, beauty, and the perceived value of those that seek them, do not equate to the security of bullion; pure precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver.

Precious metals all have more than one function, the first being as an instrument in trade as ‘money’.  Metals have specific characteristics that allow them to function as money, which you are welcome to review with Mike Maloney at this link.  They also have characteristics that allow them to function with specialized purpose for industrial applications.  Platinum is used in the process of reducing carbon emissions and toxic gas from internal combustion engines as employed in catalytic converters on automobile exhaust. Continue reading “Numismatic Coins vs. Precious Metals”

The Newscast Crap-shoot…

I’ve posted news, that tends to be accountable and accurate, to my website and YouTube channel through RSS feeds and video highlights from independent sources.

If you’re looking for an alternative to being force-fed information from one or two sources with a similar agenda, you’ll find news sources from all over the world on my YouTube channels list, with highlighted videos that I ‘liked’ for whatever reason lined up at the bottom.  The RSS feed on my website lists articles from the most trusted news sources that I have found.  Countries represented are the USA, Britain, Germany, Russia, Israel, and Canada.  I will add more as I find others that pass the litmus test.  I hope you find them as valuable a source of information as I do. Continue reading “The Newscast Crap-shoot…”