Spotlight: Unwinding the Tangled Hedge

Prop it up, prime the pump, hedge the crisis… by any name the papering of the US economy and banking industry since the early 90’s has solved nothing and our problems are now larger and more unstable than ever.

The problems causing the housing crises of 2008 have been sated[1] for a decade, but never solved.  Now, as the Federal Reserve begins raising interest rates and unwinding the mountains of debt on their balance sheets acquired to infuse the US Treasury with liquidity, the flimsy foundation on which it is all built looks to be shivering with stress.  I’ve heard commentators state that for the Fed to have any cards to play in this game at all, they have to raise rates as quickly as possible so that they can lower them again.  At present, with rates still lower than any other period in the history of man, they have almost no room to do that.  Its as if they think that raising rates while people are still struggling to catch up from the difficulties of the past two decades won’t cause problems!  Well, it won’t cause problems for them and their friends… Continue reading “Spotlight: Unwinding the Tangled Hedge”

2018’s Current Unseen Crisis

Embedded below are three of the best interviews that I have heard lately that sum up the extent and magnitude of the economic situation that we are currently in worldwide.  In addition, I’ve added some of my own comments and perspective to try to bring those who aren’t at all familiar with the topic up to speed.

The Dow Jones has hit $26,600+ and all other indices have recently hit all-time highs.  Government regulations that hamper the development and expansion of business have been rolled back at historic 20 to 1 levels.  Continue reading “2018’s Current Unseen Crisis”

Oh, Not So, Mr. Ramsey!

I agree with many things that Dave Ramsey says, this is one of those rare, yet glaring exceptions.

On a Facebook Meme this morning, Dave Ramsey issued, “Debt is dumb.  Cash is king.”  Without further explanation, I must take an exception to this blanket statement.

Continue reading “Oh, Not So, Mr. Ramsey!”

Why I Teach:

The feeling you get when you see ‘the light go on’ is so common a phrase it’s almost trite, however, that phenomenon, the light going on, is not at all trivial. It’s difficult to express the personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that you feel when you realize that you may have just changed someone’s life and the direction in which they are heading. Hopefully for the better and quite possibly forever, that level of impact on others and how you can improve their future possibilities ranks right up there with curing cancer for me.

These are my reflections on why I continue to teach (Why I Teach). Continue reading “Why I Teach:”

The Set of the Sails…

calculatorWith a new website and focus, I've swapped my marketing focus and website from book, or even my services, to myself.

I can offer many things from helping a family protect their wealth from market crashes, to passing more wealth onto the family avoiding taxes, to helping people learn basic financial management skills with my book and lecture series. Although I'd like my book to succeed because of what the skills learned through it can do for families, our nation, and the world at large, I'll leave it to my friends and clients as to what I can help them with that they'd like to hear about and pursue.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote in her poem, One Ship Sails East, '...'Tis the set of the sails, and not the gales, that tells the way we go'. To that end, I've set my sails to carry me toward a rising sun and a new day.

Join me, won't you?