Whatever your idea of the perfect retirement, for many people, running out of income ranks highest among their long-term financial concerns.  Accounts can be set up to continue to channel retirement income even if the underlying balance is depleted over time.  Some accounts can be structured to shed income not reportable (nor taxable) as earned income.  These can also preserve family wealth passed to heirs avoiding estate taxes and/or probate.

Following closely behind running out of income is having one's wealth or retirement savings eaten up by the rising costs of health care or assisted living.  The modern contracts in this industry offer leverage to your protected growing wealth that can help you when health issues threaten what you worked so hard to save!


Leaving a 401(k) account with a previous employer leaves your accumulated retirement wealth subject to the decisions and policies of that company and their 401(k) plan custodian.  Certain events such as separating from service (leaving the company) or reaching age 59-1/2 open up possibilities to moving your retirement funds to accounts under your own control, often with the added attraction of transfer bonuses offered by the new custodian.


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