Whatever your current cash flow or income situation, even the best plans available can be tailored to meet your current needs.  That's my job as a strategist.

For those that are financially prepared for my professional help, I can offer strategies that provide significant tax, liquidity, and wealth building advantages.

For those that may need to brush up on their money management skills so that they have more wealth to grow and protect, I have authored the MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions book  and the online Financial Education Courses.  You can find those here on my site under the RESOURCES tab and learn the skills needed to accumulate significant wealth as efficiently as possible!

Only this tool can get you those results.

You don't own a drill because you want a drill.  You own a drill to get the series of holes that only a drill can provide.  To get the performance and features that you'll see below, and we may one day discuss, you'll need to consider some different tools and different strategies!

Let's review your financial readiness:

With a little background information I can begin to organize a strategy and the topics we will need to discuss to help you.  I don't need personal information at this point; feel free to skip your last name and phone number if you must.  However, I will need an email address to communicate with you.

 The Wealthiest People...

I find that people become wealthy because they remain open to ideas; ever in search of the next opportunity.  Wealthy people don't think like the average Joe.  Wealthy people don't use the same tools as the average Joe.  Wealthy people are not average!  If you happen to currently be the average Joe, there's no reason that you need to remain average...

When the prevailing winds are against you, "tacking", or employing a different strategy and skill set may allow you to continue to move in the direction of your goal!  Many of my clients find the results much better than they could have imagined.

It's been said, great people speak of ideas.  Average people talk about events; what others have done.  The masses are usually talking about other people.  Let's discuss a few proven ideas!

Take a moment and review what these strategies can provide you when integrated with the other properties, investments, and businesses you have in place:

  • tax-free growth of non-qualified funds
  • tax-free access with high liquidity
  • removal of risk from market downturns and crashes
  • passage of legacy wealth without taxes or probate
  • no liquidity restrictions until 59-1/2 (unlike qualified plans)
  • no RMD's at age 72 (and no penalties)
  • ability to leverage your account value
  • ability to influence your tax bracket vs. actual income
  • ability to double-dip returns

Only this tool can get you those results.

Once again, we don't own a drill because we want a drill.  We own a drill to get the series of holes that only a drill can provide.  Once you see how these tools can work for you, I'm certain you'll agree the right tools for the job make all the difference!

Tell Me About Yourself:

Click on the button below and let me know a little more about your situation.  I can begin to consider strategies to help you once you put your goals, concerns, and financial situation into a context for me.

You won't be asked any sensitive personal identity information outside the year you were born.  You can leave off your last name and phone number as optional fields.  An email address is required if you expect a reply.  Alternately, you can find my Google Message service phone number in the header on this site's front page, on the Facebook @dp.wealth.strat page, or on my Contact Us page once you claim your free membership and login as a site user.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you and getting a conversation started that will bring your brighter financial future into focus!

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