The Real Value of Money 3-part course reviews how wealth is created, how you can accumulate your own wealth, and how wealth is multiplied over time.

This course also includes:

Part 1: Where Wealth Comes From
A look at the history of money, why mankind uses money, how value is generated, and a closer look at exactly what wealth really is.

Part 2: Where Your Wealth Begins
A look at basic money management skills with explanations of discretionary income, the pay-yourself-first strategy, where to find more money, and how a minimum wage worker can be wealthier than someone making ten times as much!

Part 3: Compound Interest & The Time Value of Money
With a brief review of where to find wealth in your own cash flow, we discuss in detail the factors in the Time Value of Money that powers investments that grow wealth, and take an indepth look at the model where changing the factors grows $200 into $250,000!

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