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Me and my Ibanez SA
Me and my Ibanez SA

If you'd like to support our work and this site, please take note of my affiliate relationships on this page. Meaning, if you follow the links to their site and become their customers, they pay me for "the lead". If you find something you like, you help me work a bit less and spend some time making music more!

These are companies I have done business with, do business with, or would like to do business with... these are my personal recommendations.  The goods or services save you time, peace of mind, health and wellness, or are just quality worthy of recommending.  My products and services are also listed here so people don't have to surf the site looking for how I can help.

Being successful involves investing your time, talents, health, and intellect into work that pays well, and when you can manage it, work that stays done and continues to pay you!  You can read about that wealth expanding idea on my blog post about "Passive Income".

It's a different approach: I offer something of value in exchange for your support.  A free website and my recommendation on goods and services that I use myself. With your thoughtful consideration, I can continue to spend time helping clients and still have money to put food in the fridge! I'm Italian by heritage; food in the fridge is important...

I thank you!

MoneySmart Merch

Branded and inspirational designs that remind you what you learn here has made you "MoneySmart" and that you now have plans and goals in place to take you to where you want to be.

The Classic Tees are the durable heavy cotton knit you're come to expect from maker's like Hanes.  All the designs feature original artwork on quality apparel.  The Premium Tee line is cotton spandex, buttery soft, and so comfortable to wear!

MoneySmart Merch Store

Bluehost - WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is the Recommended Host Since 2005!  From inexpensive shared hosting, to virtual private hosting, or servers completely dedicated to your business, Bluehost can accommodate your hosting support needs at highly competitive rates. Hundreds of free Bluehost themes and plugins eliminate coding with 24/7 WordPress Hosting support to simplify your online image. See How You Can Set Up a WordPress Blog in 15 Minutes!  Visit Bluehost!

Western Digital - data storage

The product line includes WD™ External Hard Drives (Passport), internal hard drives, internal solid state drives, commercial capacity drives, data center solutions, flash drives, SanDisk memory cards, portable drives, personal cloud devices, special application devices, and even accessories. I own about half that list and of some items I have several units! Western Digital and SanDisk are simply my first choice for storage of vital digital information. [WD Store Home Page]

WD My Passport
Micro SD

Grassland Beef - 100% grass-fed beef

“Embrace your inner foodie” and Save Up to 20% on Current Sale Items! Thousands of acres of grazable pasture feeds beef, bison, and lamb that is 100% grass-fed and finished using regenerative agriculture on sustainable farms. The seafood is never farmed, but wild-caught and certified sustainable.  You won’t find GMO-feed, antibiotics, or growth hormones in this stock, just healthy animals raised on vast pastures of thick grass, natural grains, fresh air, and sunshine. "Get your "moo" on!"  Get Free Shipping on All Orders Of $75 or More!

100% grassfed beef

Barking Mad Music Store

For the love of music, and other passionate and artistic expressions. You'll find music themed tees and gifts with a sense of humor, as well as unique expressions... just cause I felt like it.

There are also items that express your love for "the fur-babies" other creative interests like photography or inspiring themes.  I'm certain you'll find something interesting if not "gotta-have-one" appealing or fun!

When MUSIC can move you, finding others who share your enthusiasm is easy, we’re everywhere…  Be prepared though… You’re going to be asked where you got that cool shirt!  Keep the URL handy or go Barking Mad looking for it!

Barking Mad Music Store

TeeRanter Patriotic

You're a free spirit. Convention and conformity are just not your thing. The problem is, power encroaches upon your freedom to be who you were born to be. There are those that would have you molded to their vision, for the "greater good".

Wear your favorite, or share a design with a post link with your community and spark a conversation! I did the hard work posting designs with original artwork (and a touch of philosophy); just share one that moved you and say why!

Proclaim your independence, talk about what freedom means to you with those around you, or one day we may not be legally permitted to do so.  Make a statement, because Freedom is everything!

TeeRanter Patriotic Store

MoneySmart Online Courses

Everything that someone should know as they begin working and their career begins to take shape.  From the information and function of your pay stub, to understanding trade, the monetary system, government regulation, how income taxes affect you, where wealth comes from, how wealth grows, and how to organize permanent income that isn't based on trading time for dollars!

MoneySmart Online Courses

MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions, 2nd Ed.

What you should have been taught about money in High School!  Each chapter is paired with tools and instructions to help you change your relationship to money forever.  People who have money have planned to have money, so, learn how to make those plans.

Easily monitor income and expenses so you can create your own extra.  Once you learn the basics, MoneySmart tools organize your finances to the point where a little 5th-grade math makes it add, subtract... simple!  Problems solved!


MoneySmart, 2nd Edition

MoneySmart Walk-through

These videos mirror the content of the MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions book.  The author himself walks the audience through each worksheet, it's use, and some insights into how to use them most efficiently.  If the instructions in the book aren't clear enough, grab a coffee and sit with David to learn how you can be more financially efficient.  Didn't catch it the first time?  Back up the video and watch it again!

Author Guided Tour

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