If you aren't free to pursue your dreams, you aren't free to accumulate wealth and use your wealth to power the projects that are important to you, whatever those projects may be.  That is why this topic is included in the Wealth Strategies topic list as well as my status blog.  Your wealth is certainly on the line, however and more importantly, your freedom, your liberty is at stake.

Piecing it Together:

Jn 3:19 "... and this is your condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."

From several sources that I have seen recently, I think God may be trying to focus the attention of his people upon the land of the Americas.  What follows are separate discussions by interviewers and commentators whose interest and encouragement seem to be converging on similar points, similar concerns, and focusing on a common thread, "our nation is off-the-mark and God will either have us refocused or removed from this blessed land."

Is the United States founded on stolen land?  No.  God is still the landlord and every people that have possessed it under his blessing that have forgotten him have been displaced and have had it offered to others.

Leviticus 25:23 "The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with me."

... and what if our people, our nation, our culture is not longer with him?  Here we stand on that precipice.

What is God's mind on the subject?

I recommend the following reading:

  • Leviticus 25:18-22 "...keep my judgments... then I will command my blessing upon you."
  • Jeremiah Chapters 2: - 5:  What happens to a nation that has forgotten God as the source of their blessings.  Sound familiar?
  • Ezekiel Chapter 22:24-31  How God feels about a people who have been blessed and should know better.
  • Deuteronomy Chapter 11:13-17  (all the blessings we have enjoyed can stop and stop suddenly)
  • Deuteronomy Chapter 28:  (especially 28:1-14 on blessings.  :15 onward if we do not)

I believe we upon the land of America have reached the end of God's patience with a people that he blessed, should be thankful rather than arrogant, should be humble rather than praising their own virtue, and should remember that they are as grass before Him who provided their protection, their strength, and their wealth.  Today the grass flowers yet tomorrow the flowers wilt and the grass is burned in the fire and is remembered no more.

Punishment?  No, God is always merciful, but I believe we have reached the "day of indignation" (Ezekiel 22:24) and God simply feels, "I can no longer protect nor bless and encourage the path this nation has chosen".  "His hand is outstretched still."  Will we choose to seek his face as individuals and unite our nation once again under God?

I Am Not Alone:

Glenn Beck reviews the proclamation of Abraham Lincoln that the United States is a "covenant nation".  That covenant is an agreement with God, a construct put in place with every people that have ever lived here, including prehistoric back as far as the Jaredites who emigrated from the Tower of Babel.  He urges us as a God Fearing nation, as a Jesus-loving nation, to renew that covenant and renew it personally this year.

"Abraham Lincoln Proclamation: We Must Humble Ourselves..."


"A day of public humiliation, prayer, and fasting by the people of the United States... for the safety and welfare of these states."  Those are words penned back around the Civil War by Abraham Lincoln in a proclamation for a day set aside for our nation, The United States, to remember by whose power and grace we exist and to whom we owe our peace and prosperity.  Before that day, the Union lost consistently.  After that day of prayer, the Union won nearly every battle.

"Return to the Covenant..."

Jonathan Cahn is a Christian Jew who draws parallels between ancient Israel's relationship with God as a Covenant nation and the US as a covenant nation.  Cahn discusses with Greg Hunter his insight on the scriptures that recounts how God chastises or "corrects" his children, especially the nations that he sponsors by covenant, to redirect them back to the track which they should follow.  A riveting parallel of ancient Israel and our present situation in The United States of wayward children in 2020.

"Jesus Is the Answer to Everything"


Alex Newman and Greg Hunter discuss the evil present in the movements and organizations bringing chaos and often violence to the streets in major cities.  Do not expect that if not confronted and curtailed that these armed militants will be satisfied with major cities.  It is both a cultural and spiritual war that rages here in the US and it will land on your doorstep if not stopped.

Climate change; those yelling loudest are the biggest hypocrites. Racism; most people in the streets are middle-class unemployed white Gen Z. Is what they espouse on the surface really what they are after? No...  These noble-sounding ideas are tools in the hand of the great deceiver, the ultimate manipulator and the real agenda is to destroy the principles that God established for his people and their societies to thrive.

"Fight Marxist Democrats Like Our Lives Depend On It"


Bo Polny discusses his biblical timeframe analysis with Greg Hunter for periods of time meted out according to biblical principles including prophecies in the book of Daniel and parallels with times "as in the days of Noah".  A fascinating look at our current events according to how the days and times should fall into the movement of culture in the history of man.

"Bo Polny - Silver Turns into Rocket Fuel in 2021"


I tried to get this last video "embedded" so that you didn't need to load another page, or need a Facebook account to see it.  Facebook, however, is not the most cooperative social media platform here in 2020.  I hope you can view it.  If not, find a friend, a brother or sister in Christ, with a Facebook account and encourage them to watch it with you!

In this video message Pastor Dana Coverstone relates his experience of a series of three dreams that he has had over the past year in which he believes God is warning those who love God to "Brace Yourself...".  He outlines the impression he is left with that we have gone through "phase 1" which Pastor Coverstone was shown and then did see in the news and events in the world around him.  We have now entered "phase 2" in which the children of God are to return to Him as we watch situations and threats escalate from July through September.

IF, and I repeat for emphasis, IF our nation of individuals does not heed that warning and repent and return as a nation, come November God will allow the circumstances of our own making to come upon us.  What happens in November that could be a catalyst for massive civil disruption?  The elections.  If we don't get God involved in leading our national agenda again and quickly, that is likely to be a powder-keg event.

"Brace Yourself"

I Thank You:

I thank you for taking the time and making the effort to review this information.  I hope you found it valuable.  Please make this information and any concerns or fears that you have in relation to this information a matter of prayer.  Ask God to guide you, and direct our leaders, our agents who seek truth and to shed light upon corruption, so that God will help us eliminate it.  Ask God to heal, cleanse, and preserve our nation once again as a Nation Under His divine grace and mercy.

Fear not what man can bring upon you, rather fear God and rely upon him for all things.

May God bless, protect, and prosper you and those you love.


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