MoneySmart Personal Finance Workbook (v1)


A group of integrated tables and discussions that simplify organizing personal finances.  Instructions in each chapter explain both the reasoning behind the content and how to best use the materials to take control of your financial situation.

If you can control your money as it flows in and out of your budget, you can direct it toward the things that are most important for you and your family.

Reclaim control of your finances and reclaim control of your future!  Every solution to financial problems begins with a plan called a budget.  In this volume, the hard work of organizing your information for a budget is already done.  All you have to do is fill in the blanks!

Look Inside at

Tracking the complex components of an investment is made easy!  Log the details and add the columns.  The book makes it easy!

Move the financial world with the power of this simple, organized lever... er, worksheet!

How do you evaluate the wisdom of your next financial goal?  Will this decision help you or hold you back from your next goal?

Ok, so you've got bills lined up from here to there!  How do you prioritize them and develop key 'strategerie'* to reduce them or pay them down to zero?

*thank you George W. Bush.  😀

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Chapter 2

The key to organizing your finances is to have a spot for each detail.  Every chapter you want to use feeds its information into this one monthly document so you can see at a glance what's happening with your money!

financial goal ex

Chapter 3

Ever hear the phrase, 'with a lever large enough I could move the world.'?  Financially speaking, with enough time and a modest cash flow, you can buy just about anything.  This simple one-page sheet works that magic on any financial goal!

savings alloc ex

Chapter 6

Ever have trouble remembering exactly which 4 or 5 goals that one big lump of money in your savings account was for?  This simple system will help you track each goal you set and let you know how much you have for new goals.


The Online Seminar

Technology is a great thing; especially when it works.  I've been working with technology that is allowing me to very simply record my seminar series and post it for subscribers.  You can help with that effort by watching the video below on and subscribe to my channel so that once I have 1000 subscribers, I can offer that seminar online!  Click on the little dp logo in the lower right-hand corner of the video window to subscribe.

Workbook Overview

The skills to get out of debt are easy to learn.  The skills to build your wealth are easy to learn.  The discipline to follow them can be tricky, but for twenty bucks, the SKILLS are in the MoneySmart Workbook!

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