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What we should have all been taught about money in high school but were not "If I only knew then what I know now..." is an axiom that is all too relevant to personal money management.  Do you know all you should?  Learn from a fresh perspective what money is, the purpose it serves in society, how value is generated, how wealth is created, what factors make wealth grow, and how to craft a long-term plan for continuous cash-flow you're not likely to outlive! (fee-based courses)

MoneySmart Chapter Walk-through Series

These videos mirror the content of the MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions book.  The author himself walks the audience through each worksheet, it's use, and some insights into how to use them most efficiently.  If the instructions in the book aren't clear enough, or if you're just not a reader, this video series should make financial success much easier for you!  (fee-based courses)


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MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions, 2nd Edition


All the things people spend a decade or two learning about money the hard way should have been taught to us in high school before we got our first paycheck!  However, learning about money and personal finance from banking sector sponsored programs is like going back to your crack dealer for their sponsored 12-step program once you realize there's a problem...

Money is a simple tool; we trade it for things we need and want.  Once you understand the basics and have the organizational tools in MoneySmart, the rest is just 5th grade math: fill in blanks, add, subtract... easy! (retail $24.95 USD)

Four new chapters!:  Debt Reduction, Raising your Credit Score, Where to Find More Money, and The Nature of Money...

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