On the morning of Tuesday, May 26 2020, I logged into social media to find a contact recommended a video on contact tracing.  I was shocked at the suggestion that our government operating under the mask of fear, would usurp so much power over the free citizens of the United States.  I posted my concerns, went to an appointment, and when I returned I began pulling information together to see whether this threat to freedom was real.

Such is the intrusion into our lives embodied in recent legislation giving vast powers to government to trash the Bill of Rights.  It is as bad if not worse that the powers usurped under the Patriot Act in response to events of Sept. 11, 2001.  No doubt these acts are introduced for the protection and greater good of the American people.  Very noble sounding, as are all edicts by tyrants so that those paying less than close attention aren’t alarmed by what they actually have in mind.

Documented here are the posts I made, the supporting links I found, my own commentary, and a related link suggested to me by a member of a group in which I posted the information.

Speak freedom with everyone, everywhere; or there may come a day when we neither have freedom nor are permitted to discuss or reminisce over how great it was so long ago back when those who were alive to enjoy it let it slip from their grasp…

Post 1:

This links to an overview presentation of what contact tracing actually entails published by a California resident that went through the contact tracing training.

Friends in Ohio might note that the last person referenced was your governor, and what he had to say was reprehensible.

It sounds as if the war on the people has begun.


How I Spent My Morning:

The comments following are evidence that the contract tracing issue is at the forefront and is actively being pursued. Sources include MSM: CBS, Bloomberg, and Apple all posted this month. So consider the acuity of MSM info, but mostly the INTENT of the conveyed information.

Research takes time and effort. So, forgive me for posting my concerns FIRST and doing the homework that supports those concerns as time allowed.

The people in power responsible for implementing these policies are operating in response to fear. They will say they fear a “pandemic outbreak”, and while I believe the virus is real, and can be dangerous, it’s here, and we will all be exposed to it if its as virulent as they say. I believe it is virulent.

What I don’t believe is that they think these measures will gain ground against the virus. We will all get it eventually, and data shows it has a 99.5%+ recovery rate. So this isn’t about a pandemic; it’s an excuse to seize power over THE PEOPLE who ARE the government in the US. A free people are a threat to their agenda, and we cannot be trusted not to get in their way. So, keep your eye on the power and control.

This is not normal, regardless of how new it is. Note the delivery of the info in that they work hard to make this look as if its normal, ok, and “really cool.”

The CBS Commentary

Note that Mr. Dougall mentions “ability to gather” and “privacy” but says nothing about your RIGHTS under 1st and 4th Amendments. Note the slide at 2:00, point #4 “…Constitutional Liberties aren’t absolute and state power extends for public health reasons.” and at 5:00 mentions “governments coercive powers”… The message: “all this invasion of your privacy is normal and for the greater good.”

Because its law, doesn’t make it right, just legal.

The Apple 13.5 Update Overview

Apple 13.5 (200520) update with “exposure notification API” which enables tracking as a function of public health organizations apps on the phone, translates: “reserved for government”. A collaboration of both Apple and Google “for the common good”. Classic government overload garbage, “you have to opt in to share health info.” until they decide its for “the greater good” and they simply take it. It doesn’t apply to you, until it does. Several states are working on apps that will include this API. At 6:00 “Apple can automatically share personal medical info with emergency services personnel…” Facial recognition and muzzled, sorry “masked for safety” is automatically recognized.

Bloomberg’s New Normal Pitch

We’re at this “fascinating moment”, a culture interested in being entertained, rather than informed. Note what he affirms that “we know”… Privacy legislation in CA, NY, & WA abandoned with the virus scare; convenient or “a crisis saved from the waste bin”? “As of now” opt in is voluntary, data is anonymized… until it isn’t. “…that will be shared with the police, and the IRS, and your employer, and insurer AT LEAST NOT RIGHT NOW…”

My Reaction:

So, God given rights as “inalienable… not so much”, in their view.

Elected AND appointed government officials I believe, all swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. They are acting UNDER OATH… Is there no legal responsibility to this oath? I think you might include police and military under that “operating under oath” umbrella also.

The point: The American People cannot be trusted to manage their own behavior in their view. Therefore, citizens of the US must be controlled, by force if necessary.

1984 has come to America.

Tigers don’t change their stripes, it goes all the way to the skin. If they seize power to control you, they’ll use that power against you. A tiger will eat you if hungry, they’ll kill you when they sense you’re a threat. We are a perceived threat to this evil agenda.

I’ll be designing a “Make Orwell Fiction Again” design for the t-shirt store, on a shirt… some hats… coffee mug… ammo belt…

It functions through bluetooth, so if all this concerns you, an easy step 1: turn off your bluetooth. Worst case, keep your phone off until you need it and nearby, but not on your person. A simpler less-wired life may be ahead for the near future to derail their surveilance society.

If I’ve got that wrong, please, do make an effort to explain it to me…

The Video Suggested to Me

Some more good information on this topic suggested by a member of a group into which I posted this information in parallel. Complete with suggestions for legal redress.



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