It’s my birthday today, and while I’m thankful that I’ve seen this many years of God’s wonderful creation and have the privilege of knowing so many of his kind and loving servants, I find myself very depressed.  Here’s why…

I’ve been reading for years that the Lord blesses those who seek Him; I believe I have.  I believe that God will come to our defense when evil sets it’s powers against us, and I believe that He does.  I am set upon by evil forces, by “spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph 6:12), and when I mention it and ask for help, people are too busy and distracted by all that’s happening around them to even take an interest, let alone take action.

What depresses me deeply is to see how much evil, how much corruption runs rampant in our world today, and in our own country.  It’s everywhere… and when I speak of it, people whom I respect and care about look at me as if I have three heads.  It’s easy enough to see if anyone would take a few minutes and listen to anything besides network news, “but who has time? … who has time?”

“If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.”

The Rampant Corruption:

Allow me a few examples of the rampant corruption:  the news media, public education system, the college system, health care, health insurance, the banking industry, Wall Street, government at every level, politics, politicians, our monetary system, science, technology, personal privacy, culture, movies, music, art, law enforcement, the judicial system, and taxation.  I’m certain you could name a few I haven’t thought of…

I’ve chosen to be in business.  The businesses I’ve chosen to pursue specifically seek to help other people. That’s my interest.  It isn’t easy, thus far to date it hasn’t paid off, but I’m not willing to give up just for a paycheck so that someone else can tell me what I’m worth per hour.  I’ve helped a handful, I’m thankful for it, and feel a certain satisfaction in it.  I think I’ve put enough work in play that God can bless me anytime he wants to; or when he thinks I’m ready… which, frankly, is what has me worried.

God blessed Abraham.  He blessed Job.  He blessed Jacob with 12 sons.  He blessed these men and their families because they were obedient to God’s will.  He strengthened them spiritually and he blessed their property to multiply; their business.  Today, we don’t have flocks of sheep, goats, and land that yield crops.  We plant other things… Ideas, called intellectual property, that help other people (1) solve problems, (2) make their lives easier, or (3) make their life more enjoyable.  That’s called business.  It succeeds when you serve the needs and interests of others.

It’s what I’ve striven to do, yet success in that message is not only elusive but I’m striving against the evils that are present.  Facebook and Twitter both have demonstrated that recently in how they’ve treated my business activities on their “platforms” lately.  I’ve written of it, but few seemed to take any notice.  None have contacted me to offer support or ask to help.  I even suggest the means to make that assistance quick and simple without sending a penny anywhere.  But, we’re too busy; we can’t be bothered.  That link reviews my recent troubles with Facebook, complete with a suggested strategy near the end labeled, “How to Change the World.”  You’ll find a transcript of my recent answer to Facebook “customer service” (an oxymoron if ever) which covers the recent onslaught of injustice at the end of this post.

I keep wondering if I’m doing something outside of God’s will, or if he thinks I’m not ready for the blessing he’s holding for me.  I don’t know, and that concerns me.

How I Spend My Time:

Just in case you haven’t noticed in the past nine years, I’ve written a book called MoneySmart and have recently added online courses to teach people solid personal financial management.  You know who has troubles with personal finance?  …about 90% of the human species.  I could help.  Facebook has decided that I’m not worthy and they refuse to allow me to get that message out.

After I left public education, I found a business activity in the finance field that helped people protect their long-term savings from those who would gladly take it from them; the banking sector, Wall Street, and our government… who recently took to printing as much money as they want, yet still seem intent on taxing us into dependence.  Oddly illuminating, wouldn’t you say?

When the insurance industry takes small amounts of premium and grows it to be able to pay out thousands and hundreds of thousands to cover claims and continues to remain in business and turn a profit, no one seems interested in how we can get that same industry to grow your family or retirement wealth using their skill set and do it much more safely than Wall Street.  No one has time to listen.  Meanwhile, the Wall Street markets lost another 33% recently… keep throwing money at your 401(k).  The real crash hasn’t even started.

When the health crisis hit this spring, business slowed to a crawl and I looked for other things I could do to broaden my financial potential.  Being financially “anti-fragile” has become very important as nearly 40-million people have lost their jobs and that lack of “velocity of money” has yet to fully impact the economy.  It’s a concept I teach in my book and online courses.  A 40-hour-per-week job may be a long-gone memory for some people.  It’s time to take inventory of your available talents and skill sets and see who can use your help!

I leveraged some more of my intellectual property and looked at putting designs on t-shirts with TeeRanter.  As mayors and governors encroached upon people’s basic rights using a health crisis as an excuse, I had plenty to say.  I asked myself, “how do I make a point without being outright confrontational?”… put it on a t-shirt.  When I found how easy it was to post a design and have ordering, store site, fulfillment, payment, and customer service ALL taken up by an online service, I couldn’t see why I wouldn’t.  Another place to post ideas that others can access whether I’m online or not and sales (and therefore money) comes because I put the work in earlier.  Work once, be paid many times…

That’s anti-fragile.  The message of the t-shirt biz was what’s important.  Our freedoms are at stake.  There is NOTHING more important than our freedom to live the lives we have chosen to dedicate to God.  I’m quite irritated to see people sit idly by and watch the liberty that God blessed them with being taken from them drop by drop.

One Candle in The Darkness

Satan works in subtlety.  He’s convinced many he doesn’t exist.  He’s convinced many that many things God said “are not good for you” are normal, perfectly acceptable, and by the way you’re not only intolerant, but evil if you don’t agree and render support…  Just like the thread wrapped around the fingers, there’s a point at which enough threads are wrapped that breaking free becomes difficult if not impossible.

Some people will put up a “help me help this charity” post for their birthday.  I’ll say “help me stand for your own freedom” because there are many forces today that are desperate to relieve you of it.  But by all means, continue trudging back and forth to all your activities, convincing yourself “you have no extra time” while the gathering darkness closes in around us all.  Pay no attention… there’s nothing to see here.

If you’ve convinced yourself you give a shit about my birthday or anything else I do, and I seriously doubt that anyone does and has bothered to read this far after I admitted being depressed on my birthday in paragraph one, what follows is a video that reviews the magnitude of the situation that we face.  The abundant evil hiding in the shadows of plain sight that few see or ever hear about.  What follows that is my answer to Facebook of the news I got this morning on my birthday.  It’s their edict they rendered to me as they sit on high eliciting on a whim who is valid and worthy to exist and who is not.  Happy Birthday to me… thanks Facebook.

If you’ve read this far, forgive me my frustration, but ask me in a few days how many people I heard from, just as a fun experiment.  You’ll likely be as disappointed then as I am already.

My Birthday Present:

Give yourself a gift from me for my birthday: a sample of the corruption infesting our world; just a SAMPLE from ONE source called Google.  The more people get that gift, the happier I’ll be.  Yes, it’s 70 minutes.  When you no longer have freedom.  When you no longer have a voice, how will you value 70 minutes then?  Will you wish you’d have taken the time to see what’s actually happening so you could do something about it?  Save it for later… see if you think it’s important enough to remember to come back to it.



I don’t want your pity.  I don’t want your money.  I want you to tell me you’re aware of what’s happening in our world and what you’ve chosen to do about it.  If you don’t find a message or a cause in the activities that I pursue to help others, find a message or a cause in someone’s activities and support them.

“…because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” Rev 3:16  When I’ve read that in the past, I would think “well, that’s kinda harsh there Father…”  I’m starting to understand his frustration.

One day I hope you’ll have a message of your own and be waging a war against the darkness on your own terms.  Until then, lend your energy and effort to helping someone else.  You can give me that for my birthday, and I’ll appreciate it very much.  If you’ve even read this far, I’d be impressed; I can’t say I hold much hope for even that at this point.

My Birthday Gift from Facebook:

My June 22, 2020 reply to Facebook concerning how these people are treating me:

[Facebook customer service rep]

I know you stepped into the middle of this, but that answer is as far off-base as it could get… and here’s why:

ISSUE ONE: Your quote:  “The limit you are seeing is in place to prevent spam and abuse of our system, as it is not normal or intended to be sending out many invites to Like a Page.”

MY ANSWER:  The “spam and abuse of your system” resulted from FACEBOOK’s own tools.  The invites I was sending out to like my page were in response to people reacting to posts to whom FACEBOOK encouraged me to send a “LIKE REQUEST”.  In addition, FACEBOOK’s own app makes this easy in it’s notifications section where it states “[this user] along with XXX other users liked your post”  followed by an admonition to invite them to like the associate page… COMPLETE WITH A BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN THAT INVITES THEM ALL.

These are Facebook’s tools… if they aren’t working properly, I suggest Facebook address their internal problems rather than DISCRIMINATING against me and my businesses.

ISSUE TWO:  Your Quote: “I understand how much your business relies on this feature. My recommendation is to try out our advertising system, which allows you to create an ad specifically to get people to like your Page.”

This scenario happened while I was in the middle of a FACEBOOK PAID PAGE LIKES campaign.  I was already PAYING FACEBOOK for this service through FACEBOOK’S ADVERTISING SYSTEM, and this is how you treat me, a paying customer  I consider it harassment.  Your response was akin to ‘I should try paying for the service intended for this purpose…’, but for some reason you cannot be bothered enough to actually look into the case to discover, I was already paying for that service when this issue arose.  Do you think that might have some legal ramifications; like advertising fraud?

ISSUE THREE:  I had started a new business and added a new page to my Facebook account to reflect this business activity.  My TeeRanter page and the associated FACEBOOK LIKES PAID CAMPAIGN worked for 10 days or so.  I ran it twice with two sets of 5 ads and netted 11,000 likes… not a problem.  When I applied the same ad strategy to MoneySmart, not only did Facebook flip a switch on MoneySmart, but they shut down everything attached to MY NAME.  That, sir, is blatant discrimination.

I expect an answer to these issues.

You may have stepped into the middle of a case, but your knowledge of the details is lacking.  You should take a closer look at those details, as FACEBOOK’s official response to this situation is not legally defensible.

David Pandone
Independent Wealth Strategist
You’ll note there are no photos published with this status blog.  I didn’t want to be accused of promoting my businesses, wherein I often express what I’m thinking or feeling, or leveraging my birthday for such purpose.  Such is the level of cynicism and lack of hope I’m feeling at present.


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