Personal Finance Course



Study Guide - focus and review the most important points
Worksheet - apply what you learn to your own financial plans

Part 1: Understanding Your Paycheck

How your pay is calculated, what deductions are taken, how sections are totaled, and what information might be sensitive in an identity-theft-tuned world.



Part 2: How Do Taxes Affect Me?

How Federal income taxes are calculated, How FICA deductions of Medicare and Social Security are figured and who pays them (incl. history), How taxes and deductions affect your take-home pay, and what you can do about all of it.



Part 3: Currency Devaluation

Why its been getting more and more difficult to make ends meet is obscured by the swirling wind and blinding debris of Washington politics and the ongoing manipulation of an inherently dishonest monetary system by an essentially illegal central bank.



The MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions, 2nd Ed. book and its various guides and financial information is recommended as its solutions and personal financial information revealed thereby is referred to often.  There is no required reading for this course and the MoneySmart book is not required.  The book is recommended for course participants as exercises are already organized and ready to implement for your personal financial plans.

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  1. David P. says:

    In relation to the amount of taxes levied and the difficulty caused by a depreciating dollar, the costs and effects of big government policy also create obstacles to success. In the following video, Carrie Lucas, President of Independent Women’s Forum, discusses how everyone pays for the mandated regulation on expanded benefits for women of child-bearing age, but no one group pays more in opportunity cost than the women themselves.

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