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5 Responses

  1. David P. says:

    This information, is downright Chrispy… Sarah Chrispy.

    I learn great little nuggets of informational gold from Sarah’s publications on a regular basis.

    You will also hear her admit to having issues with a speach impediment and a hearing disability; and despite her challenges, she’s downright awesome! So, don’t tell me you can’t, you don’t know how, or you’re afraid of failure. Failure just means you’re moving forward toward your goal and you had an opportunity to learn something today you didn’t know before.

    And just in case you’ve had it a bit difficult in life so far and nobody’s ever told you: (4) things:

    1. I love you. You’re one of God’s kids just like me and he loves you, which is why I can love you; sight unseen.
    2. There’s nothing wrong with you. God made you to BECOME something great. He can steer you easier once you start moving. The seed for a great tree starts out dropping to the ground and sinks into the mud. Don’t stay there.
    3. Where are you going? What is the goal you are trying to reach?
    4. How can I help you get there? Which, if you’re in this course, a question for which you should already know the answer.

    So, if you have had a hard start in life, decide to stop wallowing in the mud. Self-pity won’t help you get to where you want to be. Get up off it, and get on with it… No, I won’t jump down in the mud with you, but I will invite you up to the platform on which I’m standing and give you a hand up. Together, we can help others and figure out how to get one another, and perhaps some other people we know, up to the next step on our journey.

    You’re here reading my posts, my blogs, and watching my videos because I put the effort into helping you BEFORE we ever met. It wasn’t magic, it was work. Now, decide where you’re going…

  2. David P. says:

    During the 2020 Covid-19 crisis Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” television series fame discusses the idea of “essential jobs” and the perspective on choosing to work because it gets you closer to financial goals, and therefore personal goals. While 150 years ago “work” might look like farming and husbandry, today work is pursuing any activity for which anyone is willing to pay you. The variety of work today is a staggering contemplation…

    As with all business, your professional activity is likely to solve another person’s problem, make their life easier, or make their life more enjoyable. If what you’re doing for “work” accomplishes one or several of those goals, it’s likely many will be willing to trade you some of the money that they earned in trade for your skill set.

  3. David P. says:

    The following embedded video production from The Rich Dad Channel is an interview of an Arizona native entrepreneur who went into business with his brothers. The series intends to answer the question “How did you get started in your own business?”

    This is right in line with both this course topic as well as my respect and recommendation of Robert Kiyosaki’s great book Cash Flow Quadrant, which I recommend regularly to audiences and individual clients.

    While the guest mentioned that 14 and 16 hour days were common getting his business started and running, that level of “grind” as he referred to it isn’t always required to attract clients and start operations to serve them.

    Don’t be chased off from pursuing your own business activity thinking that 16-hour days are required. Learning to be productive, efficient, as well as hard working can certainly speed along your success.

    His biggest mistake: “I wish we would have started earlier…”

  4. David P. says:

    The effects of Free Enterprise, referred to as “capitalism” in the referenced video, on the history of mankind over the past 2000 years.

    Impact on quality of life and reduction of human suffering is significant with the establishment of the United States and operation of the free market. Countries like the UK and Japan who followed in US footsteps also display significant progress on the referenced charts.

    DOWNLOAD LINK: The Wealth of Nations, Smith; .pdf from mit.edu

  5. David P. says:

    In support of the velocity of money idea, this post from a group of Fair Tax supporters trace how corporations tend to pay taxes indirectly. When your business becomes the tax paying entity in question, supporting information such as this may prove more valuable to you.

    Understanding and supporting legislation long before your own business taxes come into question is necessary since legislative change happens so slowly. Be certain to understand how legislation can support rather than hamper growing business and the opportunities for everyone who work with that business.

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