Personal Finance Course



Study Guide - focus and review the most important points
Worksheet - apply what you learn to your own financial plans

Part 1: Spend It or Work It?

Money is stored work energy. This segment details the difference in perspective between spending or trading your financial energy and putting wealth to work in efforts to grow its value.

Part 2: Solid Financial Foundation

A discussion of how financial value is created, how an excess can be gathered into wealth, and how that wealth can be focused on investment or business projects through capitalization to increase its value over time.

Part 3: Create Permanent Cash Flow

Using the time needed to accumulate seed money in education and skill-set expansion, ideas for investment and business activity projects, and community impact as well as philosophical considerations and effects of your wealth on the world around you.

The MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions, 2nd Ed. book and its various guides and financial information is recommended as its solutions and personal financial information revealed thereby is referred to often.  There is no required reading for this course and the MoneySmart book is not required.  The book is recommended for course participants as exercises are already organized and ready to implement for your personal financial plans.

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