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  1. David P. says:

    Current in the news just days after I posted this segment of the MoneySmart Personal Finance Courses is the following story from the US Department of Justice (AG Barr) and representatives of the FBI.

    Take from this story the upgraded importance to check your credit reports for aberrant information and any activity that may place your credit history and rating at risk. Also become aware and stay updated with the latest techniques or cautions for how to stay safe while online, working with your email, and anything else that’s connected to the internet.

    It seems that aside from stealing intellectual property, trade secrets (evident in the following story), and infringing relentlessly on copyright and patent rights with complete disregard of international laws, that China’s leading government power and the communist party there have no respect of anything but their own power and ambitions.

    This at a time when the Corona virus is reaching epidemic levels in that country and evidenced around the world. To put it in terms that they might understand, “Karma sucks” or “you reap what you sow”. That said, I don’t and would never wish the Chinese people ill, I just find that the behaviors their government displays and the troubles facing this ancient culture seem oddly coincidental.

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