Wealth is money you put to work

Wealth is money you put to work!

Everything that someone should know as they begin working and their career begins to take shape.  From the information and function of your pay stub, to understanding trade, the monetary system, government regulation, how income taxes affect you, where wealth comes from, how wealth grows, and how to organize permanent income that isn't based on trading time for dollars!

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The Real Value of Money
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How Compound Interest Works
(included as: The Real Value of Money, Part 3)

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MoneySmart Walk-through Series:

MoneySmart, 2nd Edition

The chapter walk-throughs can be taken a la carte (only as needed), or purchased as a group at a discount.  Consider this series as a supplement to the MoneySmart book where additional clarification or help is needed beyond the written chapter guide and instructions.  The chapter walk-through also serves well to target and solve one specific money management issue.

MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions
All (9) Walk-through Chapters
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MoneySmart Personal Finance Solutions
Chapter by Chapter
Chapters 1, 10, and Introduction are offered as a free preview.
under construction - sections are posted as produced

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