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Neither MyMoneySmart LLC, davidpandone.com, Do Something Smart with Your Money Publications, nor their author and President David Pandone, nor any employees, contributors, representatives, volunteers, or site visitors can promise or guarantee any degree of success from publications, books, videos, posts, or comments contained or accessed through davidpandone.com as a resource.  The companies, publications, officers, and author will not be held libel for financial situations that result from exposure to or use of the information presented in our publications of any form.

The concepts discussed should never, under any circumstances, be considered as "advice" with which you should take action in relation to your personal finances.  We discuss concepts that seek to increase education and understanding of general financial and economic principles.

The details on which you should base your personal financial decisions are unique to your income level, living expenses, debt load, investment portfolio, financial understanding, and risk tolerance.  Decisions you make should be guided by and tailored specifically for your unique financial situation with which professional guidance can be helpful.  We simply strive to increase your understanding of those factors so that you can make more informed decisions.

While it is our collective intention to assist you in understanding of the information and topics of personal money management, we can only prepare and present the information and discuss concepts.  Any purchase, use, or application of information in the published materials, presented in person, in print, or online, is taken at the sole discretion of the attendee or purchaser and is undertaken at their own risk.

Both patrons of our publications and attendees of our seminars are encouraged to seek the assistance and guidance of a professional financial adviser for help in determining appropriate strategies to implement for their specific financial circumstances and personal risk tolerance.

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