Who Will Face This Giant? My mother named me for David, the boy who would one […]
In case you missed it, Monday was my birthday and in relation to many birthday wishes […]
It’s my birthday today, and while I’m thankful that I’ve seen this many years of God’s […]
Within minutes of posting the following on Facebook, those who run Facebook, either by employee or […]
coins array
What can be done to brace for a market crash? What did people need that they […]
Social media platforms, established by the tech-savvy who seem to drift unerringly far left, have been […]
Socialism carries a much more dire impact than financial relief, debt forgiveness, or “free stuff”; and […]
That first line from David Bowie’s Changes sums it up well, as does the other lines […]
In my opinion, you either value your own freedom and by extension the freedom of those […]
Cash disbursal and debt forgiveness have come to the table in many conversations from those “leading” […]