In my opinion, you either value your own freedom and by extension the freedom of those […]
Cash disbursal and debt forgiveness have come to the table in many conversations from those “leading” […]
The impact of Covid-19 or #coronavirus is to #trigger events in sectors of the economy where […]
Safire Sun Modes of Operation
Technology may get us through some of our problems yet… This Safire project has been doing […]
At the time of this post, we are headed for a breaking point.  The issues that […]
For this status post I had to pass on a segment of Peter Schiff’s recent podcast […]
Saturday in Austin, Texas the media darling of the Democratic Party spoke in front of attendees […]
Slowly but Certainly, Social Security Is Failing. I see this routinely as I assist clients in […]
  In my daily perusal of my own social media marketing efforts, I often see how […]
Information today in the information age is readily available.  The problem lies in the credibility and […]