“It’s not you, it’s me…”  Those classic words from the worst of breakups.  When you spin […]
"Today, social media companies like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others not only claim freedom from libel for the content, but also editorialize in deciding what can and cannot be said on their platforms."
For this status post I had to pass on a segment of Peter Schiff’s recent podcast […]
Saturday in Austin, Texas the media darling of the Democratic Party spoke in front of attendees […]
Slowly but Certainly, Social Security Is Failing. I see this routinely as I assist clients in […]
A talented skill set and a good job are a great start to providing for your […]
You don’t have to be a securities analyst or a day-trader and follow the market daily […]
In our culture, people tend to expand their lifestyle up to the limit of their cash […]
  In my daily perusal of my own social media marketing efforts, I often see how […]
After the Dot-com-bubble from 2000-2003 decreased market values by nearly 50% sending hundreds of thousands of […]