More and more I find the old axiom true: its not what happens, but how you […]
As I speak with prospects, clients, and participate in chats and conversation, I find that people […]
Members only content:  In this overview, I’ll keep to generalities that pertain to the qualified vs. […]
sail boat with threatening skies
When you dig deeply enough to understand how financial vehicles work, it’s easy to see their […]
As both mainstream media news, not-so-mainstream media news, and even our current administration tout the “strength” […]
Prop it up, prime the pump, hedge the crisis… by any name the papering of the […]
Although it’s my birthday today, I’m building a business and working on marketing that will attract […]
The Problems: Many people of working age are not comfortable with how their financial plans for […]
In the related article are six reasons that the price of oil is headed lower rather […]
… are doomed to repeat it.”  That’s how the axiom goes.  Well doesn’t this sound frighteningly […]