In my opinion, you either value your own freedom and by extension the freedom of those […]
Cash disbursal and debt forgiveness have come to the table in many conversations from those “leading” […]
The impact of Covid-19 or #coronavirus is to #trigger events in sectors of the economy where […]
Safire Sun Modes of Operation
Technology may get us through some of our problems yet… This Safire project has been doing […]
At the time of this post, we are headed for a breaking point.  The issues that […]
The video below is an excerpt from the Personal Financial Education series at The series […]
“It’s not you, it’s me…”  Those classic words from the worst of breakups.  When you spin […]
"Today, social media companies like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others not only claim freedom from libel for the content, but also editorialize in deciding what can and cannot be said on their platforms."
For this status post I had to pass on a segment of Peter Schiff’s recent podcast […]
Saturday in Austin, Texas the media darling of the Democratic Party spoke in front of attendees […]