What’s been going on with all this confusion, conflict, and corruption?

Harvey Schlanger pulls the pieces together on the table in front of you.  What was in a pile dumped from an unassuming box, is fitted together in the single best explanation of coordinated efforts to overthrow the strongest nation on the face of the Earth.

The IngSoc nightmare of George Orwell’s 1984 novel.

Brittish Intelligence, The FBI, The CIA, peaceful protests, rioters, economic turmoil, failing banks, central bank policy, a killer virus, government lock-down, infringement of your rights, misrepresentation in the media, unsubstantiated numbers, untested vaccines, military industrial complex, deep state, BLM, Antifa, Gen. Michael Flynn, Mueller, Comey, Rosenberg, Brennan, Clapper, George Soros, The Clintons, The Democrats, The Republicans, governors, mayors, and useful idiots… click neatly into a rather horrific image.

You won’t like what you see; but see it you should.  Your country is at stake and with it your peace, prosperity, and your rights protected by the US Constitution and the rule of law.  Lose that, and everything you love and depend upon goes with it.  Once the US loses that battle, the rest of the world follows and there will be none remaining on this Earth to whom any who love freedom can turn.


Do you dare look at what has really been happening?



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